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MG TD TF 1500 - Brooklands Steering Wheel?

Anyone have a Brooklands steering wheel on their car with the Gold Pearl rim? I'd like to see one mounted. PJ
P. Jennings

Like this one,Paul? Will,of course,look a bit different on a TF. Dan

Dan Craig

Hi Paul:
Here is my TF with the tan Brooklands Wheel. It looks thicker in the pix than it feels when you drive it.
The wheel was cranked when the pix was taken but the spokes line up about as they are shown and the MG logo lines up correctly
Godspeed in Safety FAST

John Crawley

What is the diameter of the Brooklands wheel?

Bobby Galvez actual Brooklands is about 1/2" larger then the stock TD/ notice it in the handling....

gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Oh darn - it's bigger than the stock. I'm looking for more thigh room.

I love the look of the Brooklands, but guess I'll have to go motolita.

Bobby Galvez

...I had that problem with the stock wheel until I adjusted it and pulled it inch or so helps clear the thighs....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)


Try Kimble engineering for a 15.5" daimeter Brooklands.

You may use the standard hub and this will give you the additional cockpit room you desire plus the classic look of the Brooklands wheel.

Ben Cordsen
Ben Cordsen

Ben, I've e-mailed Kimble twice through their website and never heard back.

I'll kep them on the back burner, it isn't a decision that has to be made today or tomorrow,


Bobby Galvez

Kimball sell it in 15½ and 17". In brown or black. With hubs for pre-war and post-war MGs. I have no idea where the pearl ones come from.

Moss also offer a "Brooklands" wheel made in Asia. I've been able to compare both side-by-side. The Kimball one is of noticably better quality, but there's a (aprox.) $100 difference in price.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A Clark

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