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MG TD TF 1500 - Brooklands Steering Wheel

Anyone know the difference between the Brooklands wheel Abingdon Spares sells at $600.00 and the Brooklands wheel Moss sells at $460.00? Both with Black rim. Also, does anyone know if they come with the center hub? PJ

I purchased a Brooklands steering wheel from Moss last week with the black rim. It came with the hub. I had a little difficulty fitting it as the hub recess for the lock nut was too small in diameter and my socket did not fit into the recess. Speaking with Moss they stated that a Craftsman 1 and 1/8 inch 12 point socket just slides into the recess to tighten the lock nut. The new socket worked just fine

The thread on the inner steering column where the lock nut fits appears to be a taper thread, at least on my TF. It required quite a torque on the nut to secure the new steering wheel

I am happy with the Moss product and can't comment on the Abingdon product

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I Massey

There are at least two makers - one is a traditional English manufacturer and the other comes from elsewhere.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Dave H
Dave Hill

I bought my Brooklands steering wheel from Jon Kimble in the UK and was very pleased. Also I bought the 15" wheel and it makes it easier to get in and out and it feels like my MGA's did.
David Honness

Thanks fellas, I like the idea of a 15 inch version for ease of access. I'll have to check with Moss to see if they sell it, as it's not advertised in their list. PJ

Call Martin & Matthew @ ASL, ask the same questions AND current price.
The have lowered many prices, or may lower price to make a sale.
Len Fanelli

You might want to check with John Kinble in the UK for pricing. Last I knew was he was the only one with the 15" wheel. The price might be better with the exchange rate.
David Honness

My TF came to me with the 17 inch Brooklands wheel. It was in excellent shape but made the cockpit very snug and hard to enter/exit. I purchased the 15 inch version from John Kimble Engineering and reused my existing hub. I fit a lot better now, but I go about 225 lb these days. I still have the 17 inch wheel in excellent shape if one of you slender guys might want to make an offer. It is like new. Kimble will sell the hub separately.
Jack Long

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