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MG TD TF 1500 - Brooklands TD wheel

Remember the old Brooklands wheel a friend gave me a year or so ago.... while doing Larry's and John's wheels, I worked on that one as well....


WOW...What a job. I have a Brooklands steering wheel on my TF-1500 and love it.

Cheers - Dennis

D L Rainey

This one seems to be 'rare'(?) one had seen a 'dished' Brooklands specifically for a TD before?

Put the wheel on tonight and had forgotten how nice a larger wheel is to little Nardi was about 2" less in circumferance! Might just keep this one!


Gordon, that is a very nice looking wheel! A also have never seen one dished like this.
I too was driving with a really nice, but small wood rimmed wheel. I forgot which one, but a very popular period type. I switched to a repro origional type and it made the car much easier to drive and I decided not to go back!
Steven Tobias

I also use a Brooklands type- actually resurrected it because it was a little smaller in diameter and helped the seating space.

D C Congleton

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