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MG parts spares and accessories are available for MG T Series (TA, MG TB, MG TC, MG TD, MG TF), Magnette, MGA, Twin cam, MGB, MGBGT, MGC, MGC GT, MG Midget, Sprite and other MG models from British car spares company LBCarCo.

MG TD TF 1500 - Brown and Gammons - Am I doing it wrong?

This past weekend I placed an online order with B&G, my first with them ever.

I submitted the order and it is now in limbo on the website, apparently waiting for a shipping quote.

When I access my account it lists the order and the items and says "Your quote has not yet been verified."

It has now been that way for 5 days. Does it typically take that long for a shipping quote?? Am I missing something?

I've emailed B&G through the website, but so far have just got crickets.

Anyone have any experience with this?
David Littlefield

I think I saw a post here a few weeks ago that they have a "new" website? Maybe you're on the old one somehow?
efh Haskell

Their new website is a disaster and their postage costs are now just as bad as Moss-a rip off. I have complained to Steph Gammons but received as expected no answer.
They quoted me 15.24 to send a bonnet rest rubber weighing 270g from UK to Germany.

They all try and make up profit on postage in my opinion.
D Burns

Just got a reply from BG
"Hi Declan
The shipping cost quoted on our website is for International Signed For Small Packet Post which is our preferred method of shipping orders under 1.5kg. However for low cost shipments we would normally amend the order and ship by Standard Small Packet Post. The price for shipping AAA747 to Germany would be 8.10"

There is no way of knowing that in advance prior to purchase!
Even the 8.10 is in my opinion OTT for 270grams of rubber!
You can imagine how many I will be buying.
D Burns


I'm pretty sure I've got the right website, because the home page says it is the new one and notes that their diagrams aren't working, yet.

It is very recently changed, I understand, so maybe there are a lot of glitches to be fixed. I guess I'll just wait for a reply or try to reorder in a few weeks when it might be working.
David Littlefield

Wow, speak of the devil!

I just got a reply from B&G, as well. Maybe they are monitoring this site?

Anyway, they attached the full quote as a .pdf to the email and included the following:

"At the moment the quote part of our website is broken which means that quotes are not
updating into an order for you to proceed to the payment page. Many apologies for this."

So, if any of you are having a similar problem, contact B&G.

They can't currently take payment online, so you either have to call them and give them credit card particulars or use Paypal.
David Littlefield

To be fair, B&G are a decent Company that generally get this sort of thing right. They not only sell MG parts and restore them, they are also active driving them and have done more than their fair share in the UK MG fraternity, clubs, etc. They don't sell what they wouldn't use themselves, and they give advice freely. I am darn lucky that I live only about 30miles away, so that I can go and collect what I need from them. Just to make clear, I have no connection, other than as a regular customer.
Dave H
Dave Hill

"They don't sell what they wouldn't use themselves"
Then they wouldn't be using the ill fitting crap they sent me, and then didn't bother to answer my email.

G Mills

All I can say is that it is not my experience. I did have reason to complain once and I got a personal call from the M.D., and a fullsome apology, which for me was enough. The quality of the parts seems to be on a par with the other mainstream suppliers, and they will take parts back if you have made a mistake, or decide to do things differently. If your first email has not been responded to, then send it again and tell them its your second email.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Everything I've bought from B&G was correct. Their the only ones where I've been able to find having the correct thickness and proper diameter washers, of all things, plated to match the originals. Only problem now is the new web site, I hate it. No diagrams, no shipping quotes, (very important for overseas shipments), and no C Card payments. If the order is being paid for in another currency, they should quote in that currency. I won't order anything from them until they get their site up and running as it should be. I liked the old site. I will say converting this to $ is a pain, but no choice there. PJ
Paul S Jennings

Dave my complaint stems from badly made rubber items.


G Mills

I have used B&G for the past 20 years, and was pleased with the service, up until last year, where on my last order I was charged twice for postage ( on the same invoice). When I called them to inform them of this I got the reply that it was normal. As I mentioned, this was the last time I used them. Their parts are the same quality as Moss Europe and about the same price, Moss can be cheaper during their quarterly sale.

J Scragg

I have stopped using B&G. we are lucky to have other suppliers, no doubt some people will have had problems with those too.

postage is a funny thing, how on earth can sellers on ebay do free postage?

I bought a 10 part on tuesday, arrived wednesday. Bought a Moss part a while back on Ebay free postage and cheaper than on their website, arrived next day.

I was the one who first raised the issue of the B&G web site. I wanted to buy a set of bumpers and over riders and simply couldn't find them. Eventually I contacted the Welsh MG Centre and he provided everything I needed including the reinforcing bars. He claims all the remade parts come from the same manufacturer and he can under cut by about 20%. I think my bumpers were about 95 each. I did collect them though. Virtually all the parts I have needed to rebuild my TF have been supplied by B&G and their service was first class. Their old web site was great and I could identify the parts I needed in seconds. I am quite sad it has been changed.

Jan T
J Targosz

What I have bought from B&G since 201 for my TF have always been promptly delivered parts of good quality. Postage to Norway is always expensive


Jan Emil Kristoffersen

I support Jan's and Jan's comments. OK, maybe one or two minor glitches. Iv'e used B&G for many years without problems. They have often helped where others haven't. The old style exploded diagrams need to make a comeback though.

Tidy TD Regards

HJ Oldham

I've asked B&G about the exploded diagrams. Their new site is still being developed and they say their intention is to incorporate the exploded diagrams.

David Wardell

Jan Targosz,
I also ordered my new bumpers and overriders from the Welsh MG centre. They posted a huge package to me for 20 which is 4 less than Moss wanted to post a small plastic clutch aligning tool which only weighs a couple of grams. I was very pleased with the Welsh MG centre and the package was here within 48 hours. It was not the first time I ordered from them and would not hesitate to do so again. They are really very good. If they can supply with reasonable postage why can't the rest like Moss, B&G and NTG (another Chemist shop!) follow suit?
This is profiteering at it's best!

By the way-the bumpers were "Made in Taiwan" and the overriders were "Made in China" but both were quality repros and fitted well.
Cost:2 bumpers + 4 overriders 295. 20 postage to Germany.

D Burns

Hi Declan,
Even though I don't live in Wales I was travelling up the M6 Motorway and made a slight detour to pick up my bumpers. The Welsh MG Centre is in an old fashioned car show room. The type that used to sell Morris or Austin cars with petrol pumps in front. Both the pumps and the Austins have long since gone and the show room is now packed with mg spares. Almost all were for MGBs or midgets but providing you have a part number they will get T Series pieces in. They ordered a set of bumper irons for me (not the most common of parts) and they were available within a couple of days. For readers who have a B, out the back were row upon row of Bs of all ages some being dismantled others waiting for restoration.

Jan T
J Targosz

Yes I've bought from the Welsh MG centre too, when I've seen T Series parts that I needed on that well known auction site. They were good value. Their website only seemed to offer a few T Type parts so I hadn't enquired further, therefore its good to know they can supply other parts. My TF has a rechromed original rear bumper and a repro front bumper that I got from the Welsh MG centre. Likewise the rear overriders are rechromed originals and the front ones are repros from China. The shape is pretty close and they are an acceptable fit, but the metal is considerably thinner than the originals.
Dave H
Dave Hill

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