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MG TD TF 1500 - Bruno six vane water pumps


Anyone know if Mike Goodman is still producing his Bruno six vane water pumps, and in that case his contact information?



TF 1500
Jan Kristoffersen


There are some for sale on Ebay at the moment.

J Scragg

Fairly expensive!

Does anyone if these eBay pumps are gods quality?


Jan Kristoffersen

If you want gods quality I guess the sky is the limit.....;-)
Willem van der Veer

Last contact info I had:(10 years old)
Mike Goodman's Sports Car Service Ltd
16940 Sherman Way
Van Nuys, California 91406
Tel: (818) 996-7388
Fax: (818) 996-5909

But I'm pretty sure he closed up shop a number of years ago.
David Sheward

Well, gods quality is probably a "pay and pray" matter .
Jan Kristoffersen


Try this company, I have one of their six vane water pumps.

Racemettle Ltd. Water Pumps and other parts - UK

Jim Neel 53TD28423

That ebay pump looks pretty good and isn't all that pricey considering that it comes with the pulley.

And I'll also chime in for the one from Racemettle out of England. I just purchased and installed one some months back and it is very high quality. Delivered to my door it was around $ 380.00

Bobby Galvez

I spoke with one owner of a Racemettle pump that wasn't happy with it,,, It had to be replaced with in a few thousand miles...


Pretty sure I paid around $400 for my Bruno from Mike over 10 years ago. Back then it was the only 6 vane I could find. Mike said it would be the last pump I bought.
Maybe he meant from "him"? LOL Mike was a pleasure to deal with.
David Sheward

Mike Goodman went out of business a number of years ago.
Lew Palmer

The 6-vane impellers have been made by a couple of people since Mike closed up shop. Phil Marino was offering the impellers with or without pump until just a couple years ago. Currently Butch Taras of this list is doing them. Not sure if he offers impellers on their own or already installed, but the pumps are uprated with better seals and a tapered shaft.
Steve Simmons

I got my Lucas C39 lookalike alternator from Race Mettled . High quality work on that. I will order a pump from them,

Thank you for all the responses to my questions!


Jan Kristoffersen

I highly recommend Butch Taras's rebuilt pumps, which he took over from Phil Marino. He has continued to improve the design, and they are excellent value for the money.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

IMHO, the Marino design, where the pulley and shaft had top be used as a set was a disaster for anyone who'd venture out without a complete set. Hopefully, Butch has a better system. Bud
Bud Krueger

Another source is Doug Pelton at From the Frame Up.

Go to Catalog, then to Cooling System. He also offers a 6 vane pump.

Bobby Galvez

Bud, I think Butch must be coming up with a different design as I sent him my pump several months ago and last I heard from him on Feb. 2nd he was making a new set of chuck jaws to hold the water pump pulleys.

Richard Taylor TD3983

Hi Bud. I had to repair one of Phil's pumps. You have to push the shaft out from the impeller end. If you were on the road and had a problem the pump and pully as a unit, you can not use a standard shafted pump. I changed the design so the shaft is standard, which is 12 mm, and the pully is machined to take a tapered sleeve that clamps on to the shaft as the nut is tightened. So the pully can be used on any standard pump.

Butch Taras
R Taras

I went on ebay to research this and I noticed that someone was selling six vane impellers, rough, undrilled! Out of curiosity, has anyone just installed one of these in the existing pump? Not that I have any plans to but I thought some of the more engineering-included members might have done so....
Geoffrey M Baker

I recently had Butch Taras rebuild a TD water pump for me. It included one of his 6-vane impellers. Bud
Bud Krueger

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