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MG TD TF 1500 - BSP Fitting Supplier?

I'm trying to rig up a fuel filter on an mgtf1500, up by the carburetors. I don't want to put it underneath the chassis by cutting pipes. Attached is the adapter I made that goes on the end of the fuel pipe that comes up from below. This is a piece made of an old hose end by soldering on a tube that can go to a rubber line to the filter. But I need to find a male BSP fitting to go into the braided hose on the other side of the filter. Normally the braided hose fastens onto the copper fuel line. I could again solder on a tube if I can find a fitting without having to buy the whole gas line. Maybe there is something in a Moss or Abingdon catalog I have missed. Maybe someone makes the exact fitting I need. Thanks, Mike

MW Davis

Maybe you can find it here?
Gene Gillam

Moss P/N 376-300 will get you a double female (male threads) that can be used for the purpose you need. One end is drilled large enough to solder a 1/4" ridged fuel line (5/16 ID) into it. If you have a lathe (or know somebody who does), the threads on the end soldered to the ridged fuel line. Cheers - Dave

PS. - to see the part, go to the chart, Fuel Line Fittings in the SU fuel pump Articles section of my web site at: and look at Fig. 9
David DuBois

Here's a picture of one I made up.

The filter came supplied with push on fittings for the pipe. The other fittings were already on the car. You could make it up by cutting the original fuel hose in half and just pushing the filter into the holes.


A R Jones

Mike; Found these in my save-it box. Might make the end you need? Yours if they will help. Dan

Dan Craig


I imagine "Swagelok" will have an agent near your proximity they have every fitting type yet to be devised by man. If you are fortunate an agent will even pay you a visit and make recommendations to address your application.

Great company, they only supply the very best quality fittings.
G Evans

This is one I made up for myself and some other people. It was designed to go on the gas tank outlet of a TD or TC to allow an electronic pump and filter to be put back by the tank without having to cut the fuel line. One hose bib is connected to the male side and the other to the female side, just run a rubber hose from one side to a filter then back to the other side. The overall height is about 2". It can be used anywhere along the line. See the image. Contact me if you want one.

Butch Taras

R Taras

Hi Gents,
Thanks for all the solutions! Great ingenuity is shown. I think I will keep it simple and make a little fitting out of a union, although the hose routing may get interesting! Dan, if you would like to send me those two fittings, I'll pay for the shipping at a minimum. My e-mail is mwdavis at Paul Cat India Sally Yellow Sally dot net. Mike D.
MW Davis

Mike; You have mail - Dan
Dan Craig

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