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MG TD TF 1500 - Buce Cunha and Dave Braun Meet

Finally had the chance to meet Bruce at Ralley in the Valley in Eau Claire, WI this past weekend. Bruce had his weekend Guard committement and since he was close by, he participated the first evening and the first rally run the next day. Bruce was driving his BGT which is absolutely beautiful. He is also exhibits his amazing sense of humor... and surprise, he talks a lot more in person than his short posts might indicate. All and all it was a really great chance to meet a familiar 'voice' from the BBS. By the way, they are pronounced "COONYA" as it is Portuguese and "BROWN" as it is German!

How did it happen? A fella I didn't recognize walked up and said "I have one like this but with a black interior and slightly lighter shade of paint." Of course I said, "Great!" (how many times after a long drive in our cars have we heard that!) Next came out "Hey I know you and this car... You're Dave Braun" and with that he pointed to his shirt and I read his nametag. The tip off? He recognized the steering wheel from the website.

Here is the photo op...


Dave Braun

and the close up...

And of course the thread should say "Bruce Cunha and Dave Braun Meet" oops fat fingers.

Dave Braun

I thought it was Dave and Bruce "Meat". Just kidding. No fair with the Brown and Coonya. I was gonna tell people I knew the brother of Ross From F1 fame. You both gonna be at Sheboygon. If so maybe we can be the three amigos. It's dow-knee. I'm the guy who has a TD just like your's that I'm rebuilding in my shop.

Cool pics Dave.

Thanks Dave. I really had a great time even though I was not able to make the dinner (guard duty on Saturday lasted until 7 pm and it was an hour trip to the hotel.

Group. Dave's photo's really do not do his TD justice. It is very nice. As for identifying the car. Well, Dave has a wood steering wheel with the original TD emblem, but it is green. So it made it a little easire to identify Dave.


Dave; Interesting to meet the folks in person,huh? Looks like at least 5 regulars from the board are going to make Sheboygan (more if LaVerne can get that old TF to run 1350 miles),so perhaps we should set up a meet during that event. Put voices and faces with names and email addresses-perhaps a small gathering within the gathering? Wadda ya think,gentlemen? Dan Craig
Dan Craig

How about Sunday September 13 for the MG Enthusiasts BBS Dinner? Say at six PM in the lobby? Spouses, significant others included. We can figure out where to go then, or eat at the hotel.

Contact me off line for my cell phone number, dave at dbraun99 dot com

Dave Braun

Good with me - sent you mine and Sharon's cell numbers just in case. Anybody else in? Dan
Dan Craig

Wish that I could join Y'all but it's a fur piece from Sweet Home Alabama. I have had the pleasure of meeting Bruce Cunha a couple of times.

Hope everybody has a safe, fun time...

Cheers - Dennis
D L Rainey

Shorter drive than from Colorado Dennis.

Dan, Doris says no but I'm thinking I'm not getting any younger so I'm still a maybe.

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