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MG TD TF 1500 - Building the under dash shield

Started work on building a under dash shield for the TD. Started with on original one for the pattern.

Old one is 1/8 fiberboard with a black very thin vinyl material on it (I know there is a correct name for it).

Wood is oak, and I have to make one for one side.

Here is the old one.

Bruce Cunha

Here is the new one.

I am looking at coming up with a hinge system that will make for easier installation and getting to the instrument area.

Will be visiting our local fabric store to see if they have any material close to the original.

Bruce Cunha

I would guess Ash rather than Oak. The grain is very similar but oak is very very acidic and will eat all the fasteners except SS. Even heavy galvanized will not last.

Jim B
JA Benjamin

My car does not have this item. Can someone provide an image of one installed?
Corey Pedersen

The covering was I believe rexine.

MacGregor has a similar material for the forward dash portion on an MCB.

Ask him to send you a sample, and see if he can supply the fabric in the size you need.


Dave Braun

Bruce, very nice winter project. Regards, tom
tom peterson

Bruce, I am looking forward to seeing your version of a hinged under-dash panel. I never reinstalled the panel on my TD after restortaion due to it being a pita if wiring problems should occur. I'm sure many of us have similar situations. Good Luck on your project!
Jim Merz

I left mine off as well. Just did a good job of wire and cable routing to keep them up and out of site. Makes it easier to put a fire out if need be :)
L Rutt

I am about 4 years away from retirement and my first project when retired will be a full restoration on the TD bringing it back to as close to original as I can get today.

Building things like the shield now and getting little things as I can will assist when I get the the actual restoration.

I am thinking two hinged compartments. one for the speedo and tack area and one for the center gauge consul.
Bruce Cunha

...just an 'aside'... be sure to sit in your car and see where your knees end up.... I wouldn't be able to drive with that panel left knee is just above the bottom of the dash.....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

Does anyone know of an available existing scaled pattern of the under dash, for those of us who don't have an old one .
Jon Levine

Still hoping for a picture of one installed. Anyone?
Corey Pedersen

Jon, here's an image of the A/S kit:

Bud Krueger

Here's their sketch with some dimensions:

Bud Krueger

Corey: Here are some pictures of my under dash shield. You will note that I covered mine in a brown vinyl.
There are four pictures.

L.M. Levin

Picture #2 Under dash shield.
L.M. Levin

Picture #2 did not come up, sorry. I will try again. Iam not able to upload the others at this time.
L.M. Levin

Picture #2

L.M. Levin

Picture #3

L.M. Levin

Picture #4 It would benice if we could up load more than one picture at a time.

L.M. Levin

That's an interesting location for a fire extinguisher. Does it hit your legs at all?
Mort (50 TD "Mobius")

No my legs do not hit it, and it is easy to get if and when I need it.
L.M. Levin

Was the underdash shield on the TDs originally? Jud
J K Chapin

L.M. Levin

I would be happy to make some heavy paper patterns from my original. Should be able to roll up and ship in a cardboard tube. Probably can also make them out of thinner material and fold it.

I will measure the wood and post the information.

Gordon. That is one of my concerns. It is one of the things I will need to check out.
Bruce Cunha

Louis, is that a real classic pyrene extinguisher or something modern that looks like one ?

Rgds Mike
Mike Fritsch

Mike: Yes it is a Pyrene, I have had it in my car since I got the car in 1964. It has been check often by a fire extinguisher company.
L.M. Levin

Hi Bruce,
I'd be interested in one of those patterns!
Rob Edwards

Wow, I read pyrene is not very healthy stuff, hope you'll never have to use it! Does not leave a mmess as powder does, though (afaik)
I have the same model but empty and no chance for a refill - that would probably be as illegal as cocaine

Mike Fritsch

Louis, thanks for the images. The fire extinguisher is very nice; I recall my father having the same item in his 1961 Dodge Dart.

Bruce, I would be interested in a pattern as well. Making it out of foldable paper would faciliate shipping, and should work almost as well as making it out of heavy stock.
Corey Pedersen


I also would be interested in a pattern of the underdash panel. My TD was a half 'basket case' and the underdash panel was never found. (Actually, at the time I didn't even know to look for an underdash panel.)

Please let me know if there is anything that I may do to help out.

Patrick Earles

I will trace out the original this weekend and get some made up. Will let you know when done and then can get addresses.
Bruce Cunha

A pattern would be great, but maybe a bit easier to distribute, could someone with a panel take the diagram submited by Bud Kruger and just annotate the overall dimensions ( the oneson the present one a just the set backs) For those not familar give the max demesions and just denote distances from edges that width and/or length were taken. This would great and a tremendous thing to archive for future refrence
Jon Levine

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