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MG TD TF 1500 - Bullet Proof Chassis Paint?

Ed, a belated thanks for your V7777 application. I'll be doing my chassis next week, but am not doing a tub-off job, so will wire brush, etc., to get as clean as possible. Probably will prime with "rusty primer" and spray or brush V7777. If you hadn't mentioned it, I would have thinned with Mineral Spirits (unless I read otherwise on the can). Thanks again.

A W Parker

But you are sooooo close to doing a tub off paint job to the chassis !!!!!

Steve Wincze

....just a couple of bolts....lift, clean, spray, put back......
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

I agree with Steve and Gordon, easy to get body off and it could revel something lurking you might regret later and also it would be much easier to paint. Also with body off, it much easier to work on brake lines, exhaust and those kind of things. My two cents worth.


Bill Brown

Wow, there is going to be some real super looking cars hitting the streets in the NEAR future! Notice I said "NEAR" guys, lets get to work! (Grin). Don't mind me, I'm just pushing my self and want company! PJ
P S Jennings

Hi folks,
I don't know how this thread got started, I think the server had indigestion this AM. My original post was made several weeks ago on another thread. I didn't re-submit it.
But anyhow, I appreciate your thoughts. I made the decision several mo.s ago not to pull the tub. I know it'd make my present job easier,m but it's the way it is.
I'm using Rustoleum "RustyPrimer" & V7777 Satin Black.
Total look at it <>
I got the rt rear fender on yesterday, still scraping & painting the chassis. Wiring in the works, have a new harness(s) from British Wiring.
A W Parker

Al, I was you about a year ago! My tub wasn't going anywhere! But I listened to these guys and did it right, with zero experience. In retrospect, it's been a real challenge, but there is no way it could have been done any other way. There are things lurking under that tub that will keep you up at night! It doesn't take that long to pull it all and do the job correctly. I'm 11 months into it now, including stripping & re-painting myself, and I'm now deep into reassembly but with CLEAN HANDS. Suspension & brakes finished yesterday. I can't envision installing any of that stuff nor my new wiring with the tub in the way! No way!! I'ld sell it first! My opinion, others may vary(?)

Nice BRG by the way! Looks close to mine.
efh Haskell

Al looks good. Is V7777 a Rustoleum product?

Dan H.
Dan Hanson

Hi Dan,
It's their Satin Black, available in cans or spray. I've used it on a lot of things in the past, pretty durable after well dried, even better if it can be baked at 140-150F for a bit. I'm brushing, obviously can't bake it.
I sent you a direct msg a bit ago re: wiring harness.

And Ed, I guess we might as well say it's BRG color, I've seen a lot of shades called that in the last 50 yrs. We think it's close to what the factory used for one of their greens.
A W Parker

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