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MG TD TF 1500 - burden fuel pumps

where can i get info and costs on the burden fuel pump. les

I got mine from Moss motors ( but there is also abingdon spares, etc.

I have and recommend the electronic version of the pump, which looks the same, but has no points to fail.
L Ayres

"burden" fuel pump???

Pardon my ignorance, but...Wassat?

Best regards,

dave lackey

Ohhhh...just read the other post about "Burlen" fuel pumps...sorry.

BTW, just replaced the MGB SU fuel pump with a Moss solid state. It does indeed work well and with that reassuring click-click sound!!! Go for it in solid state!

Wish the new pump on the TD were solid state now...


dave lackey

Burlen owns and produces SU products today.
L Ayres

Les - Burlen Fuel Systems makes all things SU includig the fuel pumps. The all electronic fuel pump for the TD is the AUA 24EN (negative ground) and AUA 25EP (positive ground). The Moss P/N for these pumps are 377-205 for negative ground and 377-215 for positive ground. The price for either is $204.95 from Moss. If you are looking to purchasing them, check first with Little British Car Co. at: LBC usually has the best price on the parts. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Hi guys, here is the link to the manufacturer including prices.


Paul van Gool

Les - I ran the numbers on the prices of the all electronic pumps. LBCs price is about $30 less than Moss and even with shipping, the price you can get ordering on line directly from Burlen Fuel Systems will save you another $10. If you order on line from BFS, they apply a 5% discount and you can pay via Pay Pal so you don't have to mess around with converting funds. Even better, unless you live next door to Moss Motors, the items from BFS will arrive quicker than they do from any state side supplier unless you request 2nd day delivery. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

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