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MG TD TF 1500 - Burlen Fuel Injection

The new Burlen SU fuel injected carburetor should be a real blast! Looking like the conventional SU we've known for years would make it even more desirable for the T crowd. Anyone know what their going for in price? PJ
Paul Jennings

I hadn't heard of a fuel injection from Burlen...tell me more...
Bob Dougherty

Silly me...all I had to do was google...this sounds very interesting...
Bob Dougherty

why do they try to find the injector inside a SU carb body? There will be a host of other mods to be made including a high pressure fuel pump and associated pipe work, crank position sensors, lambda sensors, a computerised control and lots of wiring. Wouldn't it be best to simply make a replacement manifold to take injectors but make it look period by using brass screwed fittings rather than plastic clips?

Jan T
J Targosz

Great. Another gadget. Patton has been offering a system similar to this for years....

I can do a lot of choke pulling and tuning for $1,500.00.

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