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MG TD TF 1500 - Bushings

I installed standard Moss A arm bushings 2 years ago (1500 miles ago). Today the bushings look quite old and deteriorated and eccentric. They were a pretty straight forward install. Has this happened to others before? I would appreciate a good alternate solution.

Peter 54TF

Peter Dahlquist

Peter, the solution is a set of MGB-GT V8 bushings. See Moss Catalogue 280-498.
Barc Cunningham

In general, I avoid rubber products from Moss. Their suspension rubber is junk. The solution is polyurethane bushings. They are black and look just like the rubber. These are ok quality from Moss.
D. Sander

Agree with above comments, though Moss sells 3 types of bushings. I bought the urethane bushes 280-485. They have held up wonderfully over 3 years. They come with the advantage of not needing to be pressed in. You photo really tells the tale of poor quality rubber!!

'54 TF
Tom Norby

I have had great success with the B bushings. Much as I like Moss, the inner A-arm bushings they have supplied for over 20 years are absolute rubbish. Same for the swivel pin and link seals over the years (although no recent experience). George
George Butz

My old bushings looked something like that but when I took them out but it was only the bits that were sticking out that you could see that had perished. The parts inside the A arm looked OK.

I bought V8 replacement bushes but found them so difficult to get on the pivot arm I decided that I'd never get them back off again. It's not too difficult a job changing the standard ones so I exchanged the V8 ones for standard ones in the end.

A R Jones

Thanks everybody
I'll order the urethane
Peter Dahlquist

Poly is the only way to go, IMHO.
E.B. Wesson

Agree - poly is the best answer. It can come in different levels of hardness.

Some is so hard it is only suitable for racing - others (Polybush do a 'comfort' grade) is closer to the properties of rubber without the downsides.

I use then in my jag MK2 - they are the business.


mgtf 1500
Dave Moore

I used the MGB V8 rubber and steel bushings on my TD as well as 2 MGB's in the past with good results. They do need to be pressed in, but that is quite simple. The bushes in my TD have been there for about 14 years and are fine.
It seems that most of the rubber suspension products currently available for our cars are crap. I replaced the swivel boots a few years ago, and they started to crack within a couple of months.
Steven Tobias

The Polyurethane Bushings (MOSS) came in this morning. They really are pretty stiff, should take the radial loads nicely.

Thanks to all

Peter 54TF
Peter Dahlquist

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