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MG TD TF 1500 - Bushings - TF Rear Shock Link

Are the bushings replaceable that are at the top and bottom of the rear shock link in my TF

LM Cook

I know the Girling links are replaceable Moss sells the tool to install them. I donít have a catalog in front of me regarding Armstrong links. Is it easy to do? Thatís kind of a relative question. Not really. Is only a relative answer. Lol

Bill Chasser

W A Chasser


Very little on TDs and TFs is easy to rebuild as you know !

Kits to do the job are available from retailers such as Brown and Gammons(UK). However it may be easier to just purchase a complete new unit. There is one currently advertised on eBay Australia for around $AU70.

If you do use your current link, it may have to be straightened as it is slightly
bent ?

Rob Grantham

Rob Grantham


Reach out to Peter and WorldWide AutoParts of Madison and see if he has replacements. He replaced mine when I had mine rebuilt.


Frank Cronin

We just replaced the bushings on my friend Peter's TD. It was challenging but not really too hard. We used the Moss tool and a bench vise and lots of soap to press the bushings in. The challenge was keeping the bushing straight as we pressed it. The results were good. I'm pretty sure the shocks on Peter's '51 TD are Girling. The bottom end is not a ball as shown in Lonnie's pic.

J. K. Chapin

Hi Lonnie,

I don't think they are replaceable. I had some brand new links from a MG B but the threaded stubs exit on opposite sides. I tried to push the top pin out to reverse it but couldn't budge it. It is a pitty since the ones from a B are much cheaper than those for a TF.

Jan T
J Targosz

Thanks everyone for the information.

I kinda felt that the bushing on the ball end couldn't be replaced. Everything is still pretty tight. Gotta decide if I'll replace them while the car is apart or wait until later.

Rob - thanks for catching the bend in the link. It looked "factory" to me, because I never saw the good one on the other side at the same time as the bent one. Had to be a pretty good blow to bend it.

LM Cook

My TF links had the same bend when I got the car.
L E D LaVerne

Lonnie, I think the top bushing is the same as the TC/TD. Someone may correct me, but I hope it is as I'm doing a friend's TF next week. The Moss replacement tool I had to replace the 'bullet' part and use a socket, the 'bullet' kept sliding right into the bushing thus making almost impossible to fit. Don
Donald J Walker

At £23.94 for a new link I don't think it is worth the bother when I see the price of the tooling.

Declan Burns

There is no relation between the Armstrong TF and late TD shock links and the early Girling links/parts/assembly tools. The Armstrong links are all bonded together like a motor mount. Unless Worldwide can rebuild them, just get new ones.
George Butz III

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