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MG TD TF 1500 - 'Cajun Pawn Stars' TD

The 'reality' show "Cajun Pawn Stars" (one of those new popular shows that follow pawn brokers around all day on their antic adventures) featured a '50's TD last night. The owner wanted I think $20k for it. The engine didn't even run! He turned down $10 grand for it from the "Cajun". Wonder if the owner was one of you guys down south? Anybody recognize him?
efh Haskell

In my channel surfing (while I should have been working on the '52 TD), I also ran accross the show right as the TD was being negotiated. The TD looked pretty good but was not running. It was a baige body with brown fenders. It had the original steering wheel and it looked like most of the under hood components were original (at least as near as I could assertain in the 3 to 4 seconds that it showed engine compartment).

At least it was fun to see it on the show.

Patrick Earles

Didn't catch the show ...but did find some info on the car here:
David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

This must be some kind of "new math" thing ...does this not make sence to anyone besides me?

"Lately I have been trying to understand how some one can buy a rundown car for 6 or 7 thousand dollars..put 20 thousand in it..have a car worth 1o to 15k and be proud of them selves.
You can take this car for 14k..put 2 or 3k in it and end up with a car worth 17 to 20k and have an investment gain…I will never understand folks who do not balance their investments…
Go figure?"

My question would have to be:
Would the car now worth "$15k" run?
That would certainly make it worth $5k less ....right?
I'm confused.

David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

Good day Group:

I'll probably drop myself in it for the following, but what else is new ? I realise the car is cited as being a 1953 model, basically satisfied by the Tachometer and Speedometer faces, which are correct when visible on enlargement.

However; the rear wings must have been altered or replaced as the tail lamps are Lucas Model # 471.

I am further given to understand that around car # 21303, built near the end of October, 1952, these lamps were then replaced by the rounded version which were later continued on the TF.

Now, having committed myself by straying off on this tangent, I must write that it is a brilliant looking car !

Cheers then; respectfully submitted:
Jack Emdall, TC6768/TD3191, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.


People should stick to what they know. IMHO it's a $7-8,000 car needing $2500 in work and replacement parts (rubber, etc. after 10 years of sitting), and then you have a $10-12,000 car. That's the only way the math works for me.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Despite the later instuments, this is not a 53 TD. The head lights, the tail lights, and the location of the wiper, indicates the MG to be either a 50 or 51 or possibly an early 52 TD. I have not noticed if the car [chassis] number has been given. This would at least confirm the year of production.

George Raham [TD4224]

Good day again all:

I must apologise to one and all; for "not sticking to what I know".

I realise that chromium plating of later model headlamp "pots" was unthinkable, and especially the plating of the supporting arms. Now, unless I could see "K of the R" medallions fixed in the headlamps, I must remain at a loss as to what year it really is.

But then again, I reckon, any version of the Lucas Model # S700 headlamp could have been used as say, replacements for an incident involving road damage then chromium plated for cosmetic effect.

The dynamo seems to have the later type fan pulley and I do not know when Part # X 24468, the aluminium, one piece, earlier TD pulley was scheduled for its replacement. So the former, to me, adds a bit more of a poser as to the actual build year. Furthermore; even with knowing the actual car number many oddities seem to abound.

Continuing; the five terminal control box with the separate fuse block, supposedly slated for change at car number 8142 in June, 1951 onwards, may not have occurred as abruptly as the Factory worksheete dictated. Once again deepening the situation.

Right then, in conclusion, I suspect I really am for it this time. And, I know, who am I to expound upon things "TD" in the first instance ! Well, again I must apologise and will from now on just remain silent and be thought a fool !

Emdall 10-7


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