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MG TD TF 1500 - Can anyone identify these lamps

Gents, A pair of these lamps were fixed to the front of my '54 TF when I bought it as a "basket case". I know they are not TF driving lights, but where they came from is a mystery. The brass medalian on the top is marked "Butlers, Birmingham. Made in England" The glass lens is maked Lucas and it appears that the bulb is a two filiment, so they are likely to be headlights and not driving lights????
I have attached an image of the outside and the following post shows the inside.
Any help would be appreciated.
I came across a beautiful pair of SLR 576 driving lamps at a car boot sale a few weeks ago. $5 for the pair. Now they can go on the TF.

Regards Ian

I Denton

This is the inside view.

I Denton

There is a pair of Butlers headlights on ebay (220565115104) and a set of Butler lens for a Rolls/Austin.
Mike Hart

Also found this "LAND ROVER SERIES ONE Massey Ferguson BUTLERS LAMPS".

Mike Hart

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the feedback, they look identical, even the colour. Can you tell me the site you went to please.

Thanks Ian
I Denton

Think you got some bodge lamps!
Lucas light units in Butler housings.
I think the light units/ bulbs are much later period than the lamp housings; based on MC stuff, the three blade system was not used much other than on US sealed beams until the late 50/60s.

Butlers were an old lamp company, eaten by Lucas at some point. They may have continued as a Lucas sub brand after the take over.

I've seen old motorcycles with them, and various Riley RM clubs say they have parts or lamps. Most of what I found in a quick search looks like they latterly mostly supplied tractor/truck manufacturers; there are a couple of EBay/UK sellers with NOS Butler's stuff they say is from the '60s.

Really nice wiring job, can't believe they couldn't find the standard plugs for them.

Here's an interesting bit:

And a sort of mother lode of really cool stuff:

Fletcher R Millmore

Ian, it's on Ebay #140342149477. There quite a few pictures posted.
Mike Hart

Ian, Are yours for sale? Paul
PJB Brouillette

Hi Paul,
Please PM me at ikdenton at internode dot on dot net

Regards Ian
I Denton

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