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MG TD TF 1500 - Can't find an 8 inch clutch disc

I ordered a new 8 inch clutch disc from Moss a couple weeks ago and the clutch went back order. I called the service center tonight and they said it would take 2-3 weeks to receive them from their vendor.

Does any one know of a local supplier (near Atlanta) where I can get one in a few days? Auto Zone, etc doesn't even list the clutch. Also, is it the same clutch in the MGA?

I don't want to use my old one.. it looks too banged up.. I didn't bid on the one on E Bay last week because I didn't think this one would back order for this long. Any help would be appreciated. I'm on spring break from teaching high school this week and really wanted to drive Maggie (TD 9747) for the first this week.

Thanks very much.

Sid Orr

The same clutch is used on the MGA (1500, 1600 & MKII to (e)3928) with 10 splines. I think later MGAs had 23 splines. I tried to look for my old clutch, but I couldn't locate it to get the vendor's (not Moss) p/n off of it.

good luck,
Dave Braun

Abingdon Spares can overnight or second day ship if they have in stock. Did you try: ? Also, call Don Harmer in the Atlanta area- he may have, or know someone with a disk. George
George Butz

Take your old one to a local clutch & brake shop.
Carl Floyd


Carl Floyd is on the right track. Not a big job for a professional clutch/brake shop.

Probably less expensive, too.

Also, you have 2 good sources of parts and info in Georgia. Let me know off-line, if you want this.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.

Gordon A. Clark

Deal with Atlanta Imported Auto Parts directly, they are the biggest Moss distributor in the US, discount Moss Prices and have other sources of MG Parts when Moss is out. (They may have it in stock). Since you are local you will find your best bet is to go in to the store in Decatur and talk directly. I have been dealing with them fo over 25 years and have had great sucess in their locating scarce items.
Don H.
PS Join our local club, the Southeastern MG T Register, some of our members just might have the part you need!!!!
Don Harmer

Thanks for the invitation, Don
Guess it's time to join... I'm just kinda ashamed of my junk right now around all those other beautiful T's in Atlanta. I also have a '67 midget... will that make me ineligible?

Atlanta imported located a clutch that will be here Wednesday, if everything works out. We'll see how that goes. Anyone drink beer in your club? I'm half redneck.

Sid Orr


If they won't have you in Atlanta, move to Minnesota. You'll fit right in!

Dave Braun

Well, thank you, Dave...
It's not that I'm really, really crude... I just enjoy sipping a cold brew while I work on my cars... I'm going to GOF in Jekyl Island later this month and although my car isn't ready, I'll enjoy a cold one with my fellow MG nuts. If you haven't been to Jekyl Island, Georgia, it's a treat. Stop by Beaufort, SC on the way and take in a really great air show the same weekend. Marine Corps Air Station, Beaufort.

Sid Orr

We have some of the best junk you ever saw. Our past president has beautiful leaf imprints in the paint on the fenders of his black TD.
Amd a Midget lets you join with our other members who also have the "new" Midgets, you will be right at home.

Send me your snail mail address and I'll send a newsletter and application.

As I said Atlanta Imported Auto Parts can frequently find unobtanium parts. You just need to ask!!!

Don Harmer

Thanks, Don
Of course, I was just joking about my junk... I actually drove it around the block today... first time she has moved under her own power since 1973...
Valve cover gasket leaks baaad... well... the engine leaks from so many places I can't even find them... and that's after a new front seal, new pan gaskets and the best care in the rear seal placement. I spent three days installing that oil pan because XPAG engines are notorious for leaks. No avail.
Oh well... I'll try again.
Thanks for everything Don..
I'll submit my application.
(It's not what you've lost that counts... it's what you have left that counts)

Sid Orr

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