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MG TD TF 1500 - Cape May G.O.F.

Less that three weeks till the New England MG"T" Register's Cape May G.O.F.!! Is any one from this BBS going ??

Steve Wincze

Hey Steve, surprised there are not more responces. My wife and I will be there at Cape May. I hope to have TC 2850 with us but, if not, we will be in a crean 'n crackers TD. Regards, Tom
Tom McNamara

Have already indicated that I will attend the GOF for at least one day. Problem is that my car ('55TF) is nearing completion,and I hope to bring it with me, but worried that I will not be able to get is registered/licensed with the State of New JErsey as an antique car - they tell me it takes 2-3 weeks. Present hold-up is the required two pictures (front and side) which I cannot yet get as the radiator shell is not yet in and the doors not hung. I think it will be a nail-biter right down to the end. You should, however, make an effort to attend, as the area is scenic; the great majority of the crowds will have departed by that time; and it is really the best time of year at the Jersey Shore RUSS YOUNG

Steve, & Tom, I will see you there, Russ, my car is still apart also, waiting for parts! Len
Len Fanelli

I'll be there. Beautiful time of year in Cape May.
My car, 54TF, also not complete, won't be with me however.
Hope to see some great cars.
On a personal note, Cape May has some of the best restaurants in South Jersey.

Dan H.
Dan Hanson

Car will not make it to the GOF - altho almost ready - because I do not believe I can get it registered with the State of New Jersey in time. They tell me it takes 2-3 weeks, and they require a front and side picture with the documentation. Could not get the pictures until today. However, thought I would try to upload one of the pictures to this thread, (a) just to see if I could do it; and (b) to see the picture published on the Internet. If you think I am acting somewhat like a proud father, you may have some grounds for your conclusion. At any rate, if the picture does not show up, mea culpa. RUSS YOUNG
D. R. Young

OK - picture did not show up, despite what I thought was the correct procedure. Would someone be so kind as to provide clear English instructions as to the steps to be followed in order to post a picture on this site to an MG owner who is obviously somewhat computer challenged. RUSS YOUNG
D. R. Young

below this box is an 'upload' window... you click it... a window opens with 'choose file'.... click it....a file menu opens that shows your various directories on your computer...go through and highlight the photo 'choose'....the file name will now show in the little window (choose file/submit) on submit.... You should then see 'thank you, your file (name) was successfully uploaded'
Now, below your message and beside a copy of the photo is the regular 'submit' button for this on it and.........

gblawson - TD#27667

OK - have received directions from a person who shall remain nameless in the event that I mess this up (again). I will try to upload picture of my 1955 mgtf in its current state of restoration. RUSS YOUNG
D. R. Young

Thanks to gblawson for the directions. However, altho I tried 5 times, the site kept reporting back that the file I had chosen was too large, despite the fact that the said file contained only one picture, and had purposely been set up just to transmit the picture. Sorry for the result, as I would have valued the opinions/comments of anyone who felt moved to do so. RUSS YOUNG
D. R. Young

russ...send me the photo in an email and i will make it smaller and return it....
gblawson - TD#27667

Gentlemen: Thanks to the unequaled assistance of Gordon Bruce Lawson, who manipulated the picture size, and then returned it to me, I am finally able to post a picture of my 55 MG-TF as it sits today (9/13). I am promised that it will be completed by 9/22, but I will be unable to get it to the GOF due to registration delays with the State of New Jersey. While disappointed in that, I am also pleased that the restoration process is almost complete.
Thanks again, Gordon, for your help. RUSS YOUNG

D. R. Young

Russ, a real good looking car !!! This registration situation is one of the VERY few circumstances where I might suggest a (I hate this word) trailer... Granted you won't have the fun of driving around Cape May, but the car will be there.

Steve Wincze

STEVE: Good thought, but since my other car (not including my wife's, which is off limits for towing) is a VW GTI, I think I would have more problems arranging a tow than I could handle, or which I could set up to act as a tow vehicle. Thanks for the compliment, however. RUSS
D. R. Young

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