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MG TD TF 1500 - Car Covers

I have been thinking about purchasing a full car cover for the times when I travel. I would want to use it for weather protection and security. I have the small cover that covers the canvas top and windshield but I'm looking for a full car cover.

I see a few in the Moss catalog.
Does anyone have experience with any of these?

Does anyone know of other sources of good quality covers?

Has anyone heard of a method of securing a cover with the lock and cable?


Mort 50 TD

Mort. I take a lightweight waterproof cover with me everywhere - it fits on the sidescreen box behind the passenger seat. Some heavyweight covers are wonderfully waterproof and durable, but completely unsuitable to carry around as they are far too bulky and heavy. Also the very inexpensive thin plastic type although compact are not durable enough and tear easily. Mine Is a lightweight fabric with some kind of waterproofing treatment and is perfectly adequate for occasional use. Can't recommend a supplier as they are bound to be different over there.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Mort - Look at California Car Cover at
They carry just about any cover you would want. I agree with Dave H, a light weight, nylon cover is great when traveling. Make sure that the cover comes with straps to keep the wind from stripping the cover off the car. Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois

Mort, In response to your security concern, I think someone offered many years ago some kind of cable arrangement. It apparently fastened to the lower edge of the cover in the middle of the car, routed underneath and anchored to the opposite side. Maybe someone with a better memory can fill in more details.
Jim Merz

After a day or two of driving, the car is going to be dusty and dirty,, If you put a full cover on it, you might end up with scratches in the paint,, and if it rains over night, the cover will be wet in the morning at " go time ".

Steve Wincze

There is, of course, another reason to carry a good cover. It stops your car from being eaten by giant parrots. See the MGCC Canterbury, Z, trip to Arthur's Pass on


You mean Keas! They'll eat the cover too!
(Programme about the wildlife of South Island on UK TV last night)
Dave H
Dave Hill

I have a cover but never use it. I like to take the TF out on the road as often as possible, even going to the local shop for my morning newspaper. I am a firm believer in regular use. If the car was covered I would probably take the every day car rather than the hassle of removing the cover.

Jan T
J Targosz

I have resorted to using the cover while traveling less too. You car has to be completely clean before putting the cover on. Often while traveling that's near impossible.
Christopher Couper

I've had the 236-016 $74.99 Nylon Car Cover that rolls up into an MG logo bag. It does a good job of protecting the car --BUT -- it has no inherent fasteners. It's a pain to set it up for wind or rain protection. Would I buy it again? Nope. Bud
Bud Krueger

At least get one with proviso for a piece of soft rope or cord to be tied from one side to the other underneath to keep it from blowing off. Most have a grommet on each side at bottom--when it is over the carr. That or park next to a wall
M Arundell

Wind whipping these covers chafes the paint as well. I had a commuter car at the Denver airport using airport transfers sevenoaks thought a nice car cover would be an ideal solution.. More damage to the paint than weather exposure would have caused, never again.

Regards, tom peterson
tm peterson

What I use my cover for is this. You clean and polish the car then take it to a show, meet or a friends place. Its a sunny day, the car is looking good and you've got the hood / top down, but this is England, so sometime during the afternoon there is going to be a shower (maybe). So I throw the cover over to protect it - its quicker than putting up the hood and keeps the entire car dry. Twenty minutes later the shower is gone and the sun is shining. You take off the cover, shake off excess water and let it dry before packing away. The car still looks great. Job done.
Dave H
Dave Hill

I only use mine as a security cover to protect the car from prying eyes and hands while parked overnight at hotels. Bud
Bud Krueger

I've decided to try the 236-016 $74.99 Nylon Car Cover that rolls up into an MG logo bag. This is the one that Bud doesn't like.
If it doesn't have grommets I will put some along the edge.
I chose this one because it is lightweight and folds up smaller than the others. Space is an important factor when traveling with the TD.
At most it will be an occasional overnight cover.
Thanks for all the advice and help.
Mort 50 TD

Mort, I had taken to using clamps that are intended for attaching to tents. No need to make holes in the nylon. I'm just getting to old to put lines under the car.

BTW, I found the perfect spot for my GPS while driving down from MA to GA - suction cup mount as high as can be at the top of the center of the windscreen. Only condition was that I had the hood up all the way because of wet weather. Otherwise, I'm sure the wind would have blown it off. Bud
Bud Krueger

Mort I have and use that cover.

My wife bought some sheet straps that are elastic and adjustable and have clips like kids suspenders which will hold the over on the car. You could use one by the driver and one further aft.

JWP Policastro

I am familiar with those straps. I have several ideas but will wait till I get the cover and then experiment.
Mort 50 TD

Re the GPS, I find that sticking it onto the speedometer works well. You drive on the rev counter anyway.


Mort & others,

I purchased a cover from Moss about seven years ago a greyish-color, medium weight, fairly pliable, foldable down to 18' x 18' x 8'. It has built-in elastic/bunji chords in front and rear. For temporary(made by Maryellen Pelletier), I have a "cockpit" cover, with MG logo and elastic lines that loop over a few of the car's appendages(super-light weight, water "resistant"-not "proof"), dries quickly, folds to about 8" x 8" x 2".
Jerry Chandler 1951 TD

Wow. My comment on 27 July about T Types being eaten by giant parrots (Keas) has resulted in 110 more visits to the video. An awful lot of people watch this site!

Wouldn't you love a pet kea? Pity they are so destructive. For years NZ had a bounty on them, because they attacked sheep, and there was even a special anti-kea weapon called a Kea Gun. Basically it was a .410 shotgun pistol.



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