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MG TD TF 1500 - car insurance

Just put 1954 mgtf on road. The cost to add to my existing policy is $2200 yearly. The Classic car insurance companies that I found so far only covers use for car club activities, shows, parades and "only infrequently for other purposes". Is there classic insurance where I can drive less than 2500 yearly and not be restricted to only "infrequent" use for non-club activities. I may only take it to a club meet once yearly and want to enjoy it more than "infrequently". Is there a insu company that is for my desired use or do I pay the $2200?
Ed Eastman

Has to be one of the 'specialty' car insurance companies cheaper then that... Most have a 2500 mile a year limit, but that is a fair amount for weekend driving?
gblawson - TD#27667

The 2500 to 3000 mile a year range is all that I have time for. Besides, it has no heat, so winter is out for me.
Ed Eastman

Haggerty seem to let you drive a bit 'for pleasure'!

Usage. Hagerty provides coverage for vehicles that are used on an occasional basis -- e.g. club functions, exhibitions, organized meets, tours and limited pleasure driving.
Storage. Collector vehicles must be stored in a fully enclosed, locked garage when not in use.
Driving records. Generally, one or two minor traffic violations or accidents are acceptable. We are not able to insure those who have experienced major infractions such as a DUI, reckless driving or excessive speed violations within the past 3-6 years.* All household driving records are subject to review by an underwriter.
Regular-use vehicles. Each licensed household driver needs to have a regular-use vehicle for daily driving and must maintain regular-use insurance in his or her own name.
gblawson - TD#27667

Hagerty's policy relates the coverage is for an auto maintained primarily for use in car club activities, exhibitions, parades, other functions of public interest or for a private collection and is used only infrequently for other purposes.
Where does one go if primary use is not car club activities. I only go to a car meet once yearly.
Ed Eastman

ED: Just went thru this myself with my TF (by the way, are you aware that your regular car insurance DOES NOT cover the value of your TD in the event of an accident?) I bought coverage as follows: Annual use = 1000 miles (nothing said in the QUOTE concerning what use); Comprehensive/Collision ($500K)- $297; Bodily Injury ($500K) - $28;Uninsured/Underinsured ($250K) - $25; PIP - $11: TOTAL PREMIUM QUOTE = $361.00. The Quote is for Antique Car coverage, as distinguished from Classic Car coverage. The difference is mainly due to the distinction made by New Jersey between the two types, and the limitations on use are primarily due to the State regulation concerning Antique Cars. However, I recently saw, and now cannot find, a Bill introduced in the Legislature which would significantly expand the permissable useage - but I do not know if it passed. A mileage limitation of 1000 miles is still somewhat generous, given that the car is only used for pleasure jaunts, and I have found that the police do not place stopping antiques to inquire as to useage/destinations as a high priority enforcement matter. If you are interested, you can make further inquiries to: Roger A. Leonard Jr., Hughes-Leonard Agency, Gibbsboro, New Jersey (856) 627-2600. I represent the Agency as a client, but I have no ownership interest therein, and will receive no financial, or other, benefit in the event that you call. Hope this helps. RUSS YOUNG
D. R. Young

The Bill is A3540. It proposes to allow driving a historic motor vehicle not more than one day a week. Present NJ law only allows historic motor vehichles to be used for exhibition and educational purposes. The Bill has not made it to Committee, let alone to a vote by either House.
Since driving with historic tags to other than exhibits and educational purposes is prohibited (and, by the way, enforced by the police in my area), historic car insurance and tags will not solve my problem.
Ed Eastman

I have Condon and Skelley Classic car insurance. It is more liberal on usage than those that you quote. Can't be used for driving to work, or for shoppin at Malls. Must be a Car Club member, no restriction on pleasure drivimg amount.

I wonder, does the Insurance reflect your states definition of a Classic Car.
Antique Car, or Historic Car in term of usage?

My cost seems less than you quote, although mine is covered at full appraised value (for a restored TF 1500)
Don Harmer

The archives have information about several different insurance company offerings. Make sure you have an agreed replacement value (in other words, not a depreciated value) no matter which company you select. Even with a specific company, coverage details vary from state to state.

Larry Shoer

Also sounds like historic tags put you in that category of car show/education only ? With normal tags and specialty insurance, would you not be able to do the 'pleasure driving'? NJ sounds a bit tough on classics?

We have 'Lant' insureance up here... a policy called 'Silver Wheels'... $168.00 a year (based on appraised value)... club events, car shows and 'pleasure drives' with no limit to mileage....!
gblawson - TD#27667

Good Morning Ed
I have classic car insurance on my TD through Infinity Ins. Co. (1-800-252-5233) I have antique plates on this car, which under Virginia law are issued without yearly renewal and require no yearly inspection. The plates along with the insurance, limits the use of the TD to Sunday driving, parades, club functions and trips for repair. The cost of the policy is $272.00 yearly and has 2,500 maximum mileage limits. The car must be garaged, with picture. There must be other cars for every day use, this company is a division of GEICO ?, who we have our other vehicles insured through, and so they know we have other everyday transportation. If you call them they will ask for the value of your car, I used $30K as a replacement value and insured it for that. Regular insurance would only pay current value with anything over 20 years as totaled. They would list value of 20 year old car as under $1,000. Where classic car insurance will pay listed value of collector car. I donít know if you plan to use your TF for everyday driving, if you donít contact these folks for a quote. Iíve never been stopped by the police for the antique plates, but if I were Iíd be headed to a repair or gas station? John

heacock insurance. you can use your car for restrictions, agreed value. i have my 2 cars insured with them for $225 per year! make sure you get AGREED VALUE. regards, tom
tm peterson

I just added the TD to my Allstate policy with my other car. The cost, even with collision is much lower than my 10 year old mercedes. I drive it most nice days to work. There are no restrictions, except that I think it is listed as my second car, so maybe I shouldn't drive it as much.

My car isn't a show car, but a nice daily driver. I think the collision they termed as "actual cash value", which I take to mean they pay what it costs to fix it.

Larry Ayres

Check out Heacock Ins. They are co-sponsors of the Lakeland Lake Mirror Classic auto show- Sir Stirling Moss is the guest of honor this year. They are real car nut people going back many years. No personal car ins. with them, but the wrote my sister's new house when the ins. market here was nearly shut down a few months back. George
George Butz

The comments about "agreed upon value" are very important and not understood by many people. Many people assume that they will be paid what they insured the car for, not true - even with the primary car insurances such as Allstate. The insurance companies will readily "total" your car and only pay what they determine it to be worth, not the actual repair cost, or replacement cost. This is true even if you insured the car for several times what it is worth. The only thing that happens in this case is you paid, or are paying, way too much premiums. All this is true with your home insurance also.
It is difficult to get agreed upon value insurance, and only a couple of the underwriters actually offer it. It will have stipulations, such as mileage and usage limits, garage requirements, and photos required. If you don't have these requirements, you probably don't have agreed upon value insurance.

D C Congleton

There are numerous classic car insurance companies. Not only do their policies differ from one another, but the prices vary depending on the type of car among other variables.

For coverage on five of my cars, I decided on Grundy Worldwide. Their price was one of the lowest and their rules match my style of usage better than the rest. They are very loose on restrictions, offering no mileage limitation. The basic policy states you must have another primary vehicle, keep the car in a locked garage and not use it for business or daily commuting.

I had the recent opportunity, unfortunately, to test their claims response. I was stunned at how quickly and painlessly the process was. Within 24 hours of my phone call, I had spoken with an agent, both a national and regional adjuster, and had the car inspected at a shop of my choice. By the following week there was a check for the full amount in my mailbox. I still can't believe how quick and easy it was!
Steve Simmons

Dallas is exactly correct. Agreed value is the kicker. All classic insurers that offer agreed value will generally have decent mileage allowances, but all have their "other" retrictions. I don't use my car daily to go to work or for shopping, but I don't want to feel like a criminal if I occassionally do, or feel like I won't be covered if I have an accident. I have searched long and hard and not found a single company that will provide, in one package, ALL of the benefits below:

1. An agreed vehicle value
2. A reasonable annual mileage allowance (2500 is fine with me), or none at all.
3. Drive anywhere, anytime.

It's Catch 22. The policies for non-antique/classics by vehicle insurors let you do all of the above, but will not give you agreed value. The antique/classic policies will give you agreed value but restrict your usage.


Larry Karpman

Grundy Worldwide meets those benefits, only you can't use the vehicle for business. They do offer agreed value compensation.

JC Taylor is another good one but their prices were higher for my cars. I'm very happy with my choice after my recent claim.
Steve Simmons

I wanted my son to be able to drive my TD and antique car insurance would not insure a minor. I decided to drop the collision, figuring I'd be doing any body work and the totaled value was not that high. It only cost $150 a year for liability with USAA. I drop the coverage in the winter when the car is garaged saving even more. In the three years I owned the car I think the savings is approaching the reimbursent for a totaled TD
Russ Oakley

Larry, the policy heacock wrote for me meets ALL of your criteria. russ, have you checked with heacock..the insurance for 1 car all year..full coverage is about what you are paying for liability part of the year. no one under 25 without a rider. regards, tom
tm peterson

Just put my TF on Grundys at an agreed value of $ 40,000.00. PIP $500,000.00 etc. $ 295.00 a year.
Only restrictions
Must have a daily driver.
Will probably put the B on there soon as my insurance company for the last 35 years hoses me severly for liability insurance on it and the TF. I did get a ticket 35 years ago for failing to yield the right of way.


ED: You might also want to check out American Collectors insurance company, an insurer of antique/collector cars which got favorable comments in a similar thread in the Archives. I found that they offer a mileage option, starting at 1000 and going to 3000, and the premiums are comparable. The Link is: RUSS YOUNG
D. R. Young

Russ: I have American Collectors, but they have the restrictions mentioned. Mileage limits are fine.

tm: I'll check Heacock again, thanks.

Steve S. - Here's straight from Grundy's website -

"Collector vehicles must be used for show, hobby, and pleasure purposes only." So, can I drive it to work a few days a week?

"NO MILEAGE LIMITATIONS - This policy authorizes unlimited hobby use of your collector vehicle in collector activities, exhibits and parades. While participating in these events, owners are free to enjoy their collector vehicle without monitoring the odometer." Seems like theunlimited mieage is tied to the above activities - no?

Thanks to all


Larry Karpman

tm: This is from Heacock's website:

"Vehicle Usage:

Autos we insure may not be used for commuting to or from work or school, used for business purposes or as a substitute for another auto."

That to me is not "anytime, anywhere," coverage, as I would love to drive it to work a few days a week. This restriction eliminates 5 nice days a week I can drive my TD, and eliminates the use of it if my main vehicle is in the shop.

So, I still can't find a collector insurance company that will allow the same vehicle usage as a standard vehicle, WITH an agreed value, for any price - Catch 22.


Larry Karpman

I don't understand "agreed value" not being "agreed value". I insured my TC with an "agreed value" policy with Hagerty and when it was totaled I was paid the "agreed value" ifs, ands or buts.

When is "agreed value" not just that?
Gene Gillam

Best I know, is if you meet ALL the restrictions of your policy that has an "agreed value" then you will be paid agreed value.

If you don't meet all the restictions of your particular policy for some reason (they're all different amongst the companies)you won't get agreed value. In fact you might get nothing at all.


Larry Karpman

I called Grundy and inquired about the wording in their policy because it sounded far more strict than I was told by an agent. It was explained to me that the rules are written that way to protect them against people who would take advantage of their lenience. When I asked if I could drive the car to work, I was told that it could be allowed if it was considered pleasure use, such as going for an extended drive, showing the car to workmates, going by a repair shop on the way there or home, etc. They are pretty understanding but obviously need to protect themselves legally.

I think you will find a similarly worded policy with just about any collector insurance provider. Otherwise everyone would drive an older vehicle as a daily driver just to get the super cheap rates! How strictly a company adheres to that rule would certainly vary from one to another. I do drive one of my MGs daily, so I insure it through a different company on a standard policy.

I think what you need to do is get a few quotes and then call the companies that interest you directly. That's how I decided on Grundy for my cars. Haggerty would have been my second choice based upon usage rules and price.
Steve Simmons

Gene, this explains it best-

D C Congleton

Yes I agree Steve. All collector companies will be similar. However, I do not want to rely on the "word" of an agent. Just like the company wants to protect themselves legally with a written signed document, so do I :-)) I have no issue with this, other than the coverage is more restrictive than I'd like. Frankly, I'm more interested in how I protect "myself" rather than how they protect "themselves."

Simply put, if I want to drive to work 3 or 4 days a week during the season, or go to shopping at Ace hardware on Saturday, or the auto parts stores, etc., etc., and leave the car in the parking lot. I don't want a policy that leaves me guessing if I'm covered in the event of a loss. Nor, do I consider the above excessive use or abuse of the vehicle.

Soooooo, I've gone to the major standard insurers, willing to pay their much, much higher price so I can have the luxury of driving "anytime, anywhere" I want with no restrictions. That was perfectly fine with them, except they will not provide agreed value. So, in other words, if you accept collector insurers restrictions you CAN have agreed value. If you want no restrictions with a standard insurer, you CAN'T have agreed value. That's why I say, catch 22.

My whole point was that no company I have found will give you both (your cake and eat it too :-), although I would love to find one, AND I am willing to pay for it.



Larry Karpman

I agree with you, a long time ago, my x-agent said,,"you could probably go out to dinner or shopping" but it was never written down that I would be covered if I did,, peace of mind that you are covered means a lot !!

Steve Wincze


Check with your state relating to how much damage your car can sustain and not have a salvage title.

Now I know that most of us are not going to care about this, but in Wisconsin, if your car has more than 70 percent of the car's worth in damage, it gets a salvage title. Even if you buy the car back from your insurance company and fix it back up, you get a salvage title.

There is no exception if the damage is purly cosmetic.

BEC Cunha

"I do not want to rely on the "word" of an agent."

I certainly can't argue with that!

"Simply put, if I want to drive to work 3 or 4 days a week during the season..."

That's the kicker. Driving to work on a regular basis is not considered "pleasure driving" by insurance companies. No one will give a reduced rate for a vehicle used as a daily driver. The whole point of collector car insurance is to offer lower prices for cars that are used in less risky conditions than the typical car. Less risk of damage means less risk of the insurance company having to shell out for claims, hence lower pricing for coverage.

"Nor, do I consider the above excessive use or abuse of the vehicle."

It isn't a matter of abuse, it's risk of damage and where the car is used. Most collector cars are used out of the city where risk of damage is significantly lower.

Unfortunately it sounds like the only policy you will get to suit your needs is a standard one! I've done the same on my '67 MGB GT since I use it almost daily. I pay more for that car than all the others combined, and I will get pennies if it is wrecked or stolen.
Steve Simmons

"Unfortunately it sounds like the only policy you will get to suit your needs is a standard one! I've done the same on my '67 MGB GT since I use it almost daily. I pay more for that car than all the others combined, and I will get pennies if it is wrecked or stolen."

Steve, I think you are missing my point. I have absolutely no argument with classic insurers and their restrictions. Everything you quoted is exactly why I want an alternative to classic insurance. I am perfectly willing to pay a much higher rate so I can do what I wish, with a standard insurer, but as you well know they do not offer agreed value.

The Catch 22 I keep mentioning is that it appears obvious that you can't have both zero restrictions AND agreed value together from any insurer, whether classic or standard. That's my whole point.
Larry Karpman

I do see your point and I'm in the same boat with my GT. I was just expanding on the topic.
Steve Simmons

Sorry Steve :-) I think standard insurers ought to rethink classic insurance and offer an agreed value in many cases. We're not talking million dollar cars here. My Toyota Camry is far more likely to be stolen or wrecked as a daily driver than my TD, and at a greater cost to my insurance company. My '08 Infiniti is worth 2 1/2 times my TD's value and would be a greater cost to them to repair or replace if damaged or stolen. My insurer issues policies for 6 months. Neither of those cars are going to plumet in value during that time. I don't see why it's such a big stretch for them to insure my TD for similar premiums as the others, and agree that for the next 6 months my TD is worth $15k. But obviously, they know something I don't :-)



Larry Karpman

I don't think it's what they know, I think it's what they don't know. As soon as you need something that isn't "by the book", they are lost.
Steve Simmons

Probably true Steve, as many of our T Series components appear to be made from that rarest of all elements - unobtainium :-)


Larry Karpman

In 1995 I had my TA insured with State Farm and I forgot what they called it maybe "limited use policy" or words to that effect. The agreed value was $25000.
After I T boned a 4 dr. Chevy (not my fault and I had uninsured motorist coverage...this is very important in Ca.)they paid out the $25000 without question to a professional restorer for its repair....I also got a considerable $$ for pain and I recall, the cost of that policy was not very much. I now have Haggerty on all my classis but have yet to test them. Haggerty seems to be real car guys....and that professional restorer also uses them.
Terry in Oakland, CA
Terry Sanders

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