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MG TD TF 1500 - Car radios from Retrosound

For anyone considering a radio addition to their MG, here's an interesting one:

The radio is designed with different faceplates to match different styles, all intended for older cars.

Quite nice looking I think and for anyone looking to match the style of our MGs but not looking for authenticity, this might be a good choice.

Geoff Baker

Also here
Geoff Baker

Here's one just put up on Ebay.
James Neel

I'm waiting for an Audio company to bite the bullet and build a model with no CD, Cassette...or anything else except an AUX in plug (ipod) and a USB (memory stick)... The finished unit should be the size of a cigarette package and put out all that the best do today... Then it can be hidden anywhere under the dash, under the seat (even under the seat)... Time to move on with technology!

There are sound processors with an aux in which can be placed anywhere... you might still need an amp though.
Geoff Baker

The retro radio is a nice first step but why a digital display ?? In the 50th or 60th there was nothing like that.

The answer to your prayers. (you have to use windows internet explore to view the site correctly)
Tim Dalton

has a product called "secret audio" which is entirely hidden except for a small remote which can mount on a visor, steering wheel, or dash space. Might be close to what Gordon's looking for...
Geoff Baker

My current thinking on a workable audio system for a MGTD:

A box about 8x8x36 that sits on the platform behind the seats and is out of the way of the convertible top. This holds a subwoofer, two six inch speakers behind each seat and pointing to the back of the driver & passengers head, a couple of tweeters as well, and all electronics including small amplifier and the receiver. A remote would control it all. The box would contain a row of jacks which would connect power, ipod aux in jack and speakers and wired remote if neccessary. This way it could all disconnect and be completely removed.
You could route additional speakers up front in two places: the kickpanels on both left and right sides of the vehicle could be cut to hold a thin six inch speaker, and lastly, multiple small tweeters (1 inch or less) could be placed either directly under the dash pointing upwards or you could even drill and mount one on each wind wing.

Geoff Baker


I went to almost that amount of work (under dash...mounting in the armrest) and after all is said and done, you still won't hear it very well...people outside the car will however.... You will find that you are turning it off all the time to 'hear' that funny noise, or the sound of your exhaust, or tappets, or whatever.... honest... (if you do...don't cut into the kick panels...there is only about an inch or so behind them....)

The unit I would like is for another car (the Wolseley) that is just an old family car with wind up windows and insulation ... and two bench seats...and a quiet engine/exhaust...and weatherstriping....and a huge area behind the dash to hide a 'victrola'

Here;s my solution. Involves an iPod and a Logitech speaker set, $8 worth of aluminum stapping and some foam. Comes with its own petit remote. Its great under 80kms/50mi over that , as Gord says , its hard to hear. 30 econds to install and remove after you make the brackets. cheers, Keith

K. McKenzie


K. McKenzie

Brackets again. iron pipe is for bending the round curve.

K. McKenzie

I wonder if the MGA owners can hear their radios since the factory put the speaker in the center of the dash?
Jim Merz

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