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MG TD TF 1500 - Car Show

This is a nice car show here in NJ. Held today, June 3rd in Clinton, NJ.
Thought I would share some interesting pictures.
This first on is just your typical beautiful day in June.

Mort 50TD (1851) Mobius

This is 10 minutes later. Hail storm. Short lived but interesting.
Wife and dog got inside after a mad scramble for the side curtains.
I got the umbrella from the chair.

Mort 50TD (1851) Mobius

I did find one judge that liked my steering wheel.

Mort 50TD (1851) Mobius

Enough to give a man heart failure - hope there was no damage. Ought to give everybody an award for perseverance. Dan
Dan Craig


Clinton is ten minutes drive from the house I will own in 22 days time! Is the show held at the mill?
If only I could sell the house I am sitting in here in England typing this I would say I will join you next year! None of my friends in NJ mentioned hail in June; they said it was back to back sunshine from May to September!!

Mike Sutton

Yes it is held at the Red Mill at the beginning of June each year. It's a nice setting, right by the river. It was an unusual storm. Only lasted a few minutes and then the show continued.
The hail was scary but no damage.
Hope to see you there next year.
Mort 50TD (1851) Mobius

Years ago took my aunt to a show because she "missed doing that" since her husband passed. Begining of show about 400 cars. Skys turned that "obvious shade of dark green" and after the tornado sirens went off and the winds kicked up to 60/70 MPH the field thinned considerably. We got soaked but my aunt had a huge smile on her face the whole ride home with best of show trophy on her lap.
And yes ...the wipers worked flaulesssly...uh , as soon as I parked the car in the garage. LOL
David Sheward


Your pics show an obviously beautiful setting there by the mill and river. Glad you got away unscathed! Thank you for sharing with us.

Jerry Chandler

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