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MG TD TF 1500 - Car stopped today

when it should not have. I was in this queue of cars today, going very slowly up a hill, a few meters at a time. Then my car refused to go any further, the engine just stopped. The thermometer showed 85 degrees. I could not start it again. A couple of cars behind me was a rescue car, the driver came up to me, but could not get my car going again either. He helped me get the car out of traffic, and I called my own rescue company.
I told the serviceman I suspected that it perhaps was the gas pump that was failing. He loosened the gas tube and asked me start the engine. The gas was pouring out, so nothing wrong with the pump.
He noticed that the carburetor was a bit loose, and tightened it.
We were about to tow the car back home when he asked me to try and start it again. It started immediately.
Can anyone please explain what may have happened? Here I have been driving hundreds of miles to the far north with no problems, and then suddenly this not far from home.
Raymond Wardenaer

Probably a vapor lock in the fuel lines close to the carburetors. As soon as the engine had cooled down a bit the problem was solved by itself.

A carburetor heat shield might help I guess? In the sixties we mixed in approx 5% kerosene in the gasoline to reduce issues like this on old cars. Dont really know if it worked, but the smell was a bit like jet fuel, which we thought was cool.


Jan Emil
Jan Kristoffersen

Having a loose carb couldn't have helped if it was sucking air in the manifold?
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

raymond, i agree with gordon. a loose carb/manifold will allow more air into the induction system...leaning out the mixture to the point it would not burn. normally vapor lock doesn't get you until you stop the head pressure on the fuel and under bonnet heat soaks and the fuel gasses off. regards, tom
tom peterson

take care that the air can come into the gas tank. Especially when the engine needs much gas, it may bee that there in a little vacuum for a moment. When you stop, after a while air gets in the tank.

Harthof Klaus

85 isn't really that hot,,, sure it's up there, but I don't think it's hot enough to cause the infamous and much blamed VL! I would think that the loose carb was the culprit! Was it loose where it mounts to the intake manifold????
Steve Wincze

The screw underneath was loose, one could move the c about a little. I have a feeling this is what caused it too, since I have had some troble the last few days with smooth running.
Today, the car was back to normal again.
And thank you guys for all your support.
Raymond Wardenaer

If the intake/exhaust manifold nuts/studs work loose, vacuum leaks can ruin your day. Keep them snug.

I have to keep a real eye on ours with superchargers bouncing around on those studs.
Jim Northrup

Put new plugs in and keep on going.

Ellis Carlton

Jim -
Seems to me that anyone with a huffer ought to fit brace rods to help out. The factory saw fit to supply them on Weber equipped MGB cars, and that was just a carb on a long manifold.

FR Millmore

Check the points. If they are worn down, this type of problem will occur.
Michael Derrick

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