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MG TD TF 1500 - Carb Cleaning Fuel Additive

I've been dealing with some serious health issues since last Nov. and my little red '53 TD has been neglected. A few months ago I had to change out both gross jets to unstick them. The car has been sitting since and today I had no fuel in the bowls when I went to start it up. Tapping them after reinstalling the bowl covers did the trick, but I've got to get a handle on the cause. I have new gross jets but don't want to install them until I can at least clean out the old fuel in the system. Until I am able to get that done (I'll need a shop to do it), I'd like to at least try to run some cleaner through the system to perhaps reduce whatever is gumming things up. I know it's pie in the sky, but are there any recommended additives I can add to the 8 gallons of gas in the tank that might do "some" cleaning?
L Karpman

Larry, sorry to read about your health problems. I hope you are recovering with a good prognosis.
As for the car, considering your condition, I think just running it might achieve your purpose. My car responds very well to most of my "storage problems". Maybe you need a smile or two while driving it as well as the benefit to both of you.
Jim Merz

The Mazda folks, in their Miata workshop manual (and in at least one Technical Bulletin) suggest using "Techron" fuel additive regularly to keep the fuel system clean.

Now, I must admit that I'm a bit of a skeptic regarding such 'snake oil' cures - they're usually utter rubbish and a total waste of money. However, on a whim I did as suggested to my own 1990 Miata and, surprisingly, it worked - the car ran noticeably better afterwards. I have since used it in my 96 Dodge Caravan and my 08 Toyota Sienna and both were improved in terms of smoother running. Now, I'm not saying it will cure your MG's ills, but at least the stuff does work in modern cars, so perhaps it may work in yours.
Kevin McLemore

Hello Larry, I too wish that you are in good working order so you can do the same for your MG.
Did you put any fuel stabilizer in the tank prior to it's lay up? If not, the time period you mention MAY have been long enough for the gas to have experienced phase separation. If that has occurred the only remedy is draining the remaining fuel and flushing the tank. Have you removed the fuel line from the rear carb and pumped fuel into a clear container to evaluate? Bad gas smells...we'll...bad. If the fuel has not separated it will look good and smell as awful as car gas normally smells. Regards, tom
tm peterson

Techron and Seafoam are the two products we have used with actual positive results. Drain tank and refill with fresh fuel if possible. Bit of slosh to mix and some run time to circulate. Worth a try. Get well
Dan Craig

I have had good results (in older engines) with Seafoam.
David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

Seafoam has also worked in my marine engines - Nissan/Tohatsu 2-strokes mostly - but I'm wary of using it in engines with a sump as given the delivery method (sprayed straight into the intake) it's likely to end up in the oil via going past the rings. If using Seafoam to clear accumulated carbon in the motor I'd seriously consider changing the oil shortly thereafter.
Kevin McLemore

Thanks folks! I did add Seafoam before, but not sure if I used a stabilizer too. I will have the tank drained, hopefully flushed too, and add new gasoline.
L Karpman

Even though fuel stabilizer is only rated for one year, I have gotten three years out of it. I dump the required amount in my tank at every fill-up unless I am certain (ie long trip) that I am going to use it all up soon.
Christopher Couper

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