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MG TD TF 1500 - carb problem

Hi, I recently overhauled my carbs,new spindles,re-bush,jets,gaskets etc,
I am getting slight crackles and bangs on long over-runs, exactly as I was before overhaul. I have checked the usual sources of air leaks and all seem ok. According to plug colour and colour-tune I am running slightly rich so the problem should not be there.
Any suggestions?.
Ray TF 2884

Ray Lee

just looked at the box and we spell colortune the American way.
Ray Lee

Ignition. Bad plug wire- the 4 individuals or the coil wire can come loose and burn at the cap or coil end, bad rotor, bad plugs, coil, points, etc.
George Butz

To George's excellent list, I'll add too little advance at higher RPMs.

Dave Braun

When I put my car back together this last time, I too had a problem like this. Finally decided to try and reinstall the pertronix and lo and behold I found the wire to the coil on the inside had a small cut in it and it was causeing the coil to short out when accelerating. Changed out the wire and Sherlok runs fine now. As George says, the wires can come loose from the plugs and the one that can really be hard to see is the wire to the coil at the coil. Sometimes it pulls out partway and you dont get good contact.
TRM Maine

Thanks everybody.
I forgot my Dad's instructions from many years ago," check the simple things first".
Dizzy clamp bolt came loose allowing it to swivel back and rest on the rev drive.
I now have my gentle pobble pobble noise on the overrun that I am used to.
Ray TF2884
Ray Lee

while driving around setting up carbs I heard a ticking noise from right rear, i first thought it was a stone in the tyre.
It is a good job I had my spare halfshaft set up and ready to go.
Ray TF 2884

Ray Lee

There is a saying I did not believe, but I have come to appreciate its wisdom. Nine times out of ten, problems that seem to come from carburettors are ignition problems. Amazing but true.

Denis, 1950 TD
DLB Denis L. Baggi

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