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MG TD TF 1500 - Carb Problem?

I recently started up my TD after winter storage, rechecking the timing, adjusting the valves, etc. After this, the next time I went out to give things a last once over I noticed my fuel pump would not completely quit "ticking" but would give a series of 1 tick at a time with about 5 seconds in between. The car would start and idle fine....for a few minutes then quit as if out of fuel. I have checked the float valves to ensure they are not sticking, checked the inlet screens and have checked fuel delivery from the pump - all good. Car will still not run for more than just a little while, but runs great during that time. And yes, I did make sure there was adequate fuel in the tank! So what am I missing? This is a car that ran great all summer with no change to any carb component.

don scott

Don - Disconnect the fuel line from the carburetors and stick it into a quart jar, marked at the 1 pint level. Turn the power on to the pump and time how it take to pump 1 pint - should be just under 1 minute. Also observe the flow of fuel into the quart jar to see if there is a stream of bubbles mixed in with the fuel - if so, you have an air leak somewhere between the tank and the outlet of the pump. Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois

Went back to the basics and reset float levels (rear carb was quite low for some reason) and jet levels, started it up and rebalanced the mixture (air flow was still equal) and problem solved! Not sure what the problem was but glad to have it gone! Just wish it wasn't raining today.

don scott

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