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MG TD TF 1500 - Carburator

I recently finished rebuilding both carburators on my TD and everything is working fine as long as I am on a level road. As soon as I start up a steep grade the engine starts to fade -enough so that I have to shift down.

On a real steep grade I almost come to a stop.

Any suggestions?

Bob Hubbard
Robert Hubbard

Everyone has to downshift on a steep grade. It's only a 54 HP engine !

Is it running worse than it did before the carburetor work ?

Is the clutch slipping ? This can be tested by putting the parking brake on fully (or stepping on the brake pedal), and trying to drive. It should stall.

Larry Ayres


Any chance you could detail more info, we will all be stabbing in the dark with best guesses otherwise.
But here goes - sounds like low fuel delivery to the carb float chambers. have you fitted new needle valves or Grose valves, they may be sticking or partially blocked. Or maybe filters in carbs/fuel pump partially blocked?

Graham (honorary Dave)
TD/C 7822
G.D. Smith

Bob, from my experience with my TF when first purchased. I rebuilt my carbs and all worked fine...for a while then started having fuel starvation problems. Figured out that the pump was long in the tooth and it would lose its prime for some reason. Replaced pump and didn't lose prime, but had delivery problems still, but not near as bad. After some observation, I noticed that someone had put RTV around the fuel filler neck instead of the cork gasket. Replaced this and it fixed that problem. The cork allows the tank to breathe enough whereas the rubber sealed it to the point that the old pump could not overcome the vaccumn that formed in the tank.

Good luck,
M Whitt

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