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MG TD TF 1500 - Carpet in TF

Does this plate get carpet or vinyl? PJ

Paul S Jennings

Paul, the vertical metal panel is carpet covered.
I have attached a detail shot showing factory carpet and upholstery. There are little pieces of vinyl sewn to the top corners and folded back so they look like piping which help to keep the top edge tidy.
The plywood floor of the side screen box originally had a cut-out to provide access for filling the differential. Probably not required if you are using a syringe type filler.


M Magilton

Hi Paul,

The plate you show is covered in carpet. The sidescreen box which fits on top of the plywood shelf is covered in vinyl. If you go to the Original MG TF web site and then details you will find an article on retrimming and there is a picture of this area showing both carpet and vinyl. I note you have a single piece rear shelf. Mine has a trap door in the middle bt I don't know why.

Jan T
J Targosz

Thanks Matthew and Jan. Because this is a later TF with the pump in the rear, I'm going to make a removable section, hinged or screwed down, directly over the fuel pump, so it's accessible from the top. Heaven forbid the pump needed to be replaced while on the road. That's why I never liked the change over from front to back. I have no idea how you would work on it without looking like you just crawled out of a pig sty and in a nice shirt and slacks, not exceptable! I'm sure you've seen how a few guys cut out sections and installed stainless trays for more storage of little bits. Might go that route also, not sure. Thanks for your input, much appreciated! PJ
Paul S Jennings


Here is the link Jan mentioned. At the bottom are a whole bunch of pictures of the way the carpets were installed.

Note this is a combo TD/TF page so not all images apply to each car model.
Christopher Couper

Paul - "Heaven forbid the pump needed to be replaced while on the road. That's why I never liked the change over from front to back. I have no idea how you would work on it without looking like you just crawled out of a pig sty and in a nice shirt and slacks, not exceptable!"

Even with access from the top, trying to change out fuel pump at the side of the road is at best a pain in the back side, not to mention being downright dangerous. See the article, Back up Fuel Pump in the SU Fuel Pump Articles section of my Homepage at: for information on installing a back up fuel pump that can be switched in from inside the car - eliminates the need to ever have to change out a fuel pump on the road (besides that, in accordance with Murphy's law (section 6, article 233, paragraph 5) once a back up has been installed, the main fuel pump will never again fail (I installed on in our MGB over 15 years ago and have never had a primary fuel pump fail in all that time).

The fuel pump location was changed to the rear of the car to prevent possible vapor lock in the fuel line as the result of the fuel being pulled into the hot engine compartment under a vacuum. Cheers - Dave
D W DuBois

Hi David,

Does this mean latter TFs can handle modern fuels better than earlier models and TDs?


J Targosz

Jan - Only if the problem in the early TFs and TDs is caused caused by vapor lock in the fuel line from the tank to the pump. Vaporization of the fuel in the line from the tank to the pump is enhanced by the fact that the fuel is being pulled into the hot engine compartment under a partial vacuum, enabling the fuel to flash to a vapor at a lower temperature. My experience with vapor lock in our TD is in the channel between the float chamber and the carburetor jet. The bottom line is that today's fuels are formulated for today's vehicles (imagine that), with no concern for those of us with our anachronistic vehicles. Cheers - Dave
D W DuBois

Paul, see . It works for TFs as well as TDs and other T's. Bud
Bud Krueger

Well I'll be! Who would ever think. Thanks Bud, that's a neat idea, weighs nothing and takes up no space. Sure be a conversation getter though. Someone asks, what are you doing, I could say I'm just taking it's blood pressure! LOL. PJ
Paul S Jennings

Dave, what pressure Facet pump do you recommend? Install between the tank and SU pump or after?

Chris, Thank you for the link, that is a world of information and already answered some of my questions! I'll put the link on my desktop, it'll get used a lot!
Paul S Jennings

Foot-well. Ive read somewhere the rubber foot well pad on the TF was sewed to the carpet. Is this true and if so how is it done. The illustration shows it just setting there and I see no stitches from sewing, as illustrated here. PJ

Paul S Jennings


Interesting detail to note a slotted screw being used, as against the more usual Phillips on TF trim in general.


J C Mitchell

Paul: The flat/rhd ones were clearly sewn in. I had seen an later footwell one that showed stitches too but original ones of these are rare. I think Bud K? might have one (the dirty one in the picture at the top of the carpet page).

Anyway its possible the factory stopped stitching these in place during the TD or TF production or perhaps they kept doing it throughout.

This is one of the pictures Frank was not able to get with TF9052 as the owners had the carpets draped with various protectors and Frank did not want to wear out his welcome. If we ever get a chance to see the car again this is high on the list.

BTW I tried sewing my 'modified' footwell and the threads just pulled through so I gave it up and just have it like you seen the picture above.
Christopher Couper

Paul - "what pressure Facet pump do you recommend?"
Something in the 2 - 4psi range. The following P/Ns will work fine 40171, 40178, 40217, 60300.

"Install between the tank and SU pump or after?"
Either way. You can even install it in parallel if you want (a bit more plumbing that way). Cheers - Dave

D W DuBois

Pic of an original heel mat from TF4887 (RHD).


M Magilton

Matthew, do I depict vinyl attached to this piece of carpet? Where would this come from? Front of rear fender well? PJ

Paul S Jennings

Yes, I think that is right.

M Magilton

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