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MG TD TF 1500 - cast valve cover

Thought maybe one of y'all might want this:

Yer welcome!

Doesn't look like a TD cover to me?
gblawson - TD#27667

There is no mention of the filler cap, without which it is useless, no matter what engine it fits.
Roger Wilson

If you could find a breather cap to fit, you would have to fit pancake airfilters of some type, to facilitate adding oil and provide room for the breather cap.

Dave Braun

Speaking of valve covers, check out eBay #150147496094
1955 mgtf. Sure doesn't look like an XPEG to me Maybe an A or B motor?

OOPS, just noticed the lister does make one reference to car having an A drive train.

I sent him a note right after he listed it that he should mention that it had an MGA drive train. He wants 29,500.00 for it. Good luck. I won't list all the things I see in the photos that I think shoild be corrected for 29500. I did look at the bids and I see that he or she is obviously using some ringers to jack up the bidding.

What's wrong with the original valve cover?

Denis L Baggi

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