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MG TD TF 1500 - Central Badge - Steering Wheel

I have two of the circular 'badges' which are meant to be inserted into the TD/TF steering wheel boss, but they are not identical. One has a silver background in the gap between the MG octagon and the chrome rim, and the other is clear in that area - ie no silver background. Looking at a number of TFs gathered here on Saturday I could see that most had the 'badge' with the clear backgound. Does anyone know how come there are two different types? Repro, maybe?

John Hoey

Hi John,

Well spotted on the difference between a real badge and a repro.! The original ones had the clear effect between the badge and the chrome ring.Makes the octagon shape stand out sharply. They were beautifully made by some sort of vacuum ? process I believe.
The repros. are generally done very well too but there is also a slight difference in the cream background colour located behind the MG lettering.
If you have a tarnished,faded and cracked,original then a in this case would suffice.

Cheers for now.

Many thanks, Rob.

Years ago I bought the complete assembly off ebay as my boss had a big nick in it, only to find the boss supplied was inferior (large crack badly filled) but the price was sufficently low that I didn't pursue the vendor. Also in my early ebay days I didn't always ask the hard questions pre sale. It was only quite recently I noticed the difference between the badges and, lo, it now transpires my existing repro badge can be replaced by a near perfect real one, thanks to this info.

Maybe I should start another thread to find the best way to fill and colour a sizeable nick.
Thanks again for the info.
John Hoey

Re nicks in plastic, bakelite, hard rubber or ebonite. 2-part epoxy such as Marine-tex or Loctite work wonders. Can be sanded to a smooth finish and then spray painted to proper color.

As an interesting aside, some 25 years ago at the Carlisle swap meet (jumble) I found a vendor with about 20 Lucas 138137 wheel centers with a functioning horn switch in the middle; I believe these were for the Y types. I used them in the shop to convert TDs and TFs to a "non-reach-to-dash" horn button by switching the old MG emblem centers into them in place of the brown bakelite centers the switches came with. It was a popular, totally stock appearing conversion, I only have one left on the shelf!
J. de Boer

J. de Boer - you have mail!

Larry Karpman

Thanks Seamus.

I'll do that, and I think I've seen old threads to do with matching the colour so I'll go search.

John Hoey

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