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MG TD TF 1500 - Ceramic coated modern headder / extractor

My exhaust finally bit the dust (it was installed in the 60s by the person who owned my car before my grandfather bought it in 1974!). I've had Manly Ford's extractor for about a year or so now and waited to install due mostly to cost concerns. With the exhaust finally going to pieces, I decided it was time. I had the ceramic coating done here in Auburn WA by Performance Coatings who did both inside and outside of the pipe. They were a pleasure to work with and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. The engine goes back into the car this weekend and will go to the muffler shop sometime mid next week. Manly says I'll notice a seat of the pants difference over the stock exhaust manifold. Pretty excited to go for the first drive!

Performance Coatings:

Manley's Speed Shop

Alex Waugh
1955 mgtf-1500 with LOTS of go fast parts!

Alex Waugh

I can also offer creamic coatings, on manifolds, piston crowns, etc. & moly coat of piston skirts, as well as custom CNC head porting, at wholesale pricing.
Roller lifter camshaft kits are now in stock.
Abingdon Performance
Len Fanelli

Looking oh so very good Alex. Glad to see it's finally going to be installed. I know you've been waiting for this for some time now. Congrats, and I look forward to cruising the roads of Washington with you this summer.

Cheers, for sure, -- John
John Brickell

Very purdy Alex. I thought Manleys headers came with a built in intake manifold. Looks like you got a bung in place for a O2 sensor. Not sure how that would work with my blower but send it down here and I'll test it out for you. :-)


He has both the integrated intakes and this version that I have which uses the stock manifold. This (w/o intake) is the version used for a blower installation. Manley states that the integrated manifolds will not sit underneath the bonnet of a TF. I wish they did as that would be my preferred installation.

I have it initially installed and will be putting on the intake manifold this evening. You don't use a gasket and instead use copper RTV. We'll see how it goes.

Alex Waugh

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