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MG TD TF 1500 - Changing Mastr Cylinder

Hi All,

Just a quick question regarding changing he master cylinder. I just read the manual and it tells you to remove the floorboard to remove the old cylinder. When I diagnosed the problem all I did was jack the car up and placed it on jack stands but it appeared that the swap could be pretty easily done from underneath but I didn't look closely at the pedal box to see if the plunger rod was easily accessible. It would seem that I could just reuse the old one and change the rubber boot if necessary. I would hate to get into the middle of the swap and find that I had to change approaches. Please let me know if I'm missing something if I approach it from underneath.

Thanks for your voices of experience!

By the way, I had the car entered in a local show this weekend and it was judged one of the top eight out of 189 cars.

Art Todd TD 22714
A. R. Todd

I can't think of any reason why you can't do the job with the floor board in place Art.

Where was the show at? Got pictures?


The show was the "Run to the Ruins" put on by the Over the Hill Gang here in Cortez. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures. I know, I know - I should have and I promise to do better next time.

A. R. Todd


I usually leave the push-rod assembly/clevis attached to the pedal, ubolt the master cylinder, and pull the cylinder right off the clevis. The end of the push-rod assembly/clevis is a rod with a semi-spherical end, so it simply reinserts in the same fashion.

Dave Braun

Dave and LaVerne,

Thanks guys for your input. That is how I had it scoped out. Have you run into any problems getting the boot re-installed on the cylinder or is there plenty of room to get it into place?

Best Regards
Art Todd TD 22714

Put the boot on the cylinder first, then install.
George Butz

Exactly what George said.

Colorado Conclave In Denver next month Art...hint...hint


Thanks again guys! I think I know how I'll approach it now. Your input is outstanding and extremely helpful!

Laverne, I get the hint and I'll think about it. I don't have an enclosed trailer yet and that is a bit of a drive for a TD. I begged off the MGCC Moab trip to Yellowstone this year due to the distance but if I had a trailer I would have considered it. A trailer is not too far away and the hunt is on.

Thanks again!

Art Todd

It can be done without the trailer Art, Just not very quickly. A couple of years ago before the supercharger going up Eisenhower. Trailer iot now so we can pack golf clubs for a mini vacation.


Weather wasn't that great at the divide either.


Laverne, Those two pictures confirm my thoughts about a trailer. It would be a long trip. I'll bet your supercharger makes a big difference.
Art Todd

Laverne, you taking the new TD to Arvada?
I assume you aren't coming to Gunny? Weather is very iffy this year. It's raining a lot!
efh Haskell

Still no rocket Art but, closer to 50 going up Eisenhower.

No plans for Gunnison Ed. Plan is to take the TD to Denver and maybe the TF

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