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MG TD TF 1500 - Charging positive ground TF

I am experiencing a problem charging my battery. When I hook up the charger Red (hot) terminal to the +post and the charger black to the -post, the charger keeps clicking on and off. When I hook it up the other way and put a drain on the system the ammeter reads + and the battery is not taking a charge. The battery is only a couple of months old. My basic question is (1) proper way to hook it up and
(2) can anything be damaged since I've had it hooked up both ways?

Seamus - Have you tried disconnecting the leads to the battery and then connecting the charger? If that works, then you have something in your electrical system that is questionable. Hooking the charger to the battery + to + and - to - is correct. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Hi Seamus,

A couple of battery charging points. Note that a specific gravity tester is not very expensive, or a 'Battery Plus' store (if you have any near you) or a place that sells automotive batteries can check the SG for you.

From a site I like to use for ehlp on this stuff:

A deeply discharged battery (Specific Gravity near 1.120) may not take a charge initially. If the battery is in otherwise good condition, the circuit breaker may trip on and off several times until the battery recovers enough to allow a normal charge rate. If the tripping continues after 30 minutes, a larger charger should be used.

A battery with a shorted cell may not charge. A battery in this condition may cause the breaker to trip continuously. It will not accept a charge and should be replaced.

Another failure is if the Charger leads are connected in reverse causing the breaker to trip continuously. May damage battery and charger. You will only know if you attempt to charge a decent battery and connect it correctly.

As a rule of thumb, I always make my battery connections first and then plug in the charger... and switch it on if it has a switch. You will need 6-10 amp charger to charge a TD battery.

Dave Braun

I have a sealed battery so can't check the SG myself. Since the battery is only a couple of months old I'll bring it back to where I bought it and have them check it. The battery went dead by itself just sitting in the car in the garage, and there are no detectable drains in the car's system. It is my feeling that the battery is JUNK, even tho new. I did try charging with terminals disconnected from car's system and got the clicking on and off when hooked up + to + and - to- , which indicates the problem is definitely with the battery. I'll let you know the outcome. Thanks for the input.

The "gawds of lucas" are afoot!
I swear I can find no "faulty wiring" (that I can find)....but if I leave my battery connected for more than 3 weeks my battery drains if I don't "engage the dissengage" (battery cut off switch).
I suspect minor "smoke" is escaping somewhere ...but where? The clock IS NOT the offender as it is always on. (seprate fused circuit).
I have been dealing with this for 10+ years and have installed the cut off switch on poss. terminal to "deal" with it.
If I forget (something I do more now than when I was younger) I have a battery charger that has a "re-cndiction" setting that seems to bring it back to full charge after about 24 hour cycle.
I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I have angered the "gawds of Lucas" because I like my ale cold!
Sorry Mr. Lucas ..I don't like warm beer!
David Sheward

My battery was JUNK. They gave me a new one.

It would be nice to know the brand of the battery. If for no other reason than, I don't want to buy one! PJ
P Jennings

"It would be nice to know the brand of the battery. If for no other reason than, I don't want to buy one!"

My bet would be Excide.

Seamus - Now that you have a good battery, get a Battery Tender and keep it hooked up when the car is not used for extended periods of time. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Battery was 'Interstate'. I am switching off the neg. (hot) for the winter, and will throw 2 amps into her once in a while.

Seamus, get over to Sears and pick up a battery maintainer. I think they're on sale for $22.99. IMHO, they're great; provides 2 amps of charging current and goes into a hold mode when the battery voltage gets high enough. Turns off and monitors the voltage until it drops low enough to need another boost. FYI, I sell them at Sears in Kingston. Bud
Bud Krueger (TD10855)

Thanks Bud and all. Merry Xmas.

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