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MG TD TF 1500 - Chasing Classic Cars TD?

Watching Chasing Classic cars tonight, the story where Wayne buys an old Lincoln. In the last few minutes of the show, Wayne is standing in his showroom right next to what appears to be an MGTD. Not the red one that was in an earlier show.
Bruce Cunha

Just found his web page

in his listed current inventory he has a 1933 MG J2 ($69,500) and a 1934 ND Magnette ($125,000)

The car in the show that I saw may have been the J2. Can't see much below the top of the radiator shell to clearly identify it.
Bruce Cunha

I have a love/hate attitude about "Chasing Classic Cars". I love seeing the cars and some of the stories behind them, but Wayne drives me nuts. "It's all about the chase", he says. Seems to me that his "chases" involve picking up the phone and being told about a Ferrari/Bugatti/Cobra that he might be interested in, and to bring a trailer and a checkbook. His greatest expertise at auction is his ability to create a plausible explanation as to why a car sold for 30% below his reserve price. "But I'm happy because it's going to a good home." Right.
Safety? Fast?
Scott Ashworth - '54 TF - ($85,000 reserve price)
S. R. Ashworth

I noted that the running lights on the MG were painted.

I then discounted it as a TD but, with my limited knowledge of other models past the TD/TF, I could not give its model.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

Scott, I agree on his not selling at the right price a lot of times, then he brings out that Ferrari and wow, 26 million later it sells. A good show overall though
Tom Maine

Wayne also has an Airline Coupe. This is in his private collection.
Tom Maine

Well, In looking at his web page, I guess I would say that while he has some very expensive cars, I have seen a lot of higher priced out there.

Bruce Cunha

I will admit Wayne does it a little annoying on occasion, but it is still one of my favorite shows. In my opinion Chasing Classic Cars is about 100% better than The American Car Prospector, and The American Car Prospector is 200% better than Classic Car Rescue, or what ever it's called. I cannot stomach the one guy who is always bitching and hollering. JMHO.

G Parker

Gary, I am with you. American Car Prospector is so phony it makes me sick.. the other one I cant stand either. Who needs somebody bitching all the time.
Tom Maine

Gary / Tom,

I'm with you guys. If the American Car Prospector came around my house and was nosing around the way he does, he might want to prepare for some "00" shot in the ass. I can't stand how he sweet talks someone into selling their car and have the gall to try to screw over them. That and I can't stand these other car shoes that can find a piece of trash in a junk yard and restore it in a month. Seems like Wayne has the only car show that is reasonable so I enjoy it. JMHO

Sorry but you got me going!

Bill Brown

"Wheeler Dealers" with Mike and Edd is the best (imo) for pure entertainment and the occasional real tip.
Ed (with only 1 'd')
efh Haskell

Ed you're so right. Ed is one heck of a mechanic.


Bill Brown

Love Wheeler Dealer. It would be interesting to see how much they actually do themselves and what we don't see.

I have picked up a few tips watching it.
Bruce Cunha

Wheeler Dealers is the highlight of the week! Even my wife, who pretty much avoids Velocity programming like the plague enjoys the show. She would really like Edd China to work on her old 280ZX. Got a nice surprise the other night on the red Corvette show. The purchase was filmed about 10 miles from our house!

Enjoy Chasing Classic Cars as well, but it is too high end for my reality. When I get to Pebble in a few years, I'll be one of the guys on the street, not one of the ones at the high end parties.
Charles Duffy

My old 79 280ZX was one of the best cars I ever owned.
240k miles on it when I sold. Had it listed for over a year in trading post (managers special, 1 time fee till sold) I was firm on the price! LOL
At that point only place I drove it was to the airport using airport transfers sevenoaks (had a new 300Z I didn't want to park there).
Parked in "short term parking" to go to Korea with NBC for "a few days"....was there for 2 months. I had the only key so wife couldn't move it and tow company refused as was in my name.
When I got back the parking crew was waiting to see what I would do. "For Sale" sign in window for $1500.00, parking bill was $2300.00. NBC paid the parking. Will never forget that car.
David Sheward

I just watched a rerun of the Chasing Classic Cars with the MG in it. It is the 1933 J2 that he is standing by.
G Parker

Dave - 20 years ago I was in my favorite bike shop getting a cable for my Triumph, and a tow truck dropped off the filthiest, rustiest, rattiest Norton Commando I had seen in years. Turned out that Keanu Reeves rode his fully restored Commando to the airport when he went on a film shoot, forgot he rode it and it sat outside at LAX for a year or so. He wanted it completely restored again!

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

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