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MG TD TF 1500 - Choke Pull Position

I have a rather embarrassing, and hopefully straight forward question. In the instrument panel of my 1953 TD, where does the choke pull go, and where does the starter pull go?

I removed both during a re-build and forgot to mark which one went where. I assume that the starter pull goes on the right under the horn and the choke pull goes on the left under the ammeter, but would appreciate hearing from the experts.


Jon Morgan
J Morgan


Not an expert, but on LHD it is reverse from what you state. i.e. starter pull is under the ammeter. Many times I have braced my thumb on the steering wheel, while my index and middle fingers pulled the knob.

Hope this helps,
Dave Braun


On my 51 TD (Original state) my choke pull is to the right of the accessory plug.

David Honness

As both daves mention... starter is to the left, choke to the right...

Opposite of this right hand drive:
gblawson (gordon)- TD#27667

I looked at the picture that you linked to, and had to chuckle at the "ANTI DAZZLE" switch by the drivers left foot!!!! I never heard it referred to as that !!

Steve Wincze

Thanks for all of the help. I should have mentioned that my TD is LHD.

Gordon - I really appreciate the TD specifications sheet. Where is this from?

J Morgan

Not sure where it was copied from... just did a search and came up with the URL... seems to me my owner's manual and workshop manual both have similar illustrations?
gblawson (gordon)- TD#27667

Jon, not embarrasing at all. It had been so long since disassembly, I had to find and check pictures to see where the horn/dipper, ignition switch, as well as the dual gauage/ammeter went! George
George Butz

This is an interesting question I never thought of. My TD is r.h.d. - an error by farsighted Brits who thought all of Europe drives like them, we don't - and the starter pull switch on the right, within easy reach with your left hand on the steering wheel. Never thought it had to be the other way around on a l.h.d. car. One always learns something new!


P.S. However trains in Switzerland drive on the l.h.s. just as in England and unlike the rest of Europe.
Denis L Baggi

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