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MG TD TF 1500 - Chrome Plating Shop Recommendation


Because of EPA here in CA it is getting difficult to find chrome plating shop. Can you please recommend good chrome plating shop?
B Gruzman

Paul's Chrome Plating, Inc.
90 Pattison Street
Evans City, PA 16033

I used this shop years ago when I lived nearby. A little expensive, but worth it if you are looking for the best. Obviously mail order cross country, but they have a national reputation.
Tom Balutis

Thx, do you recall there pricing, for example what will hand brake or chrome trim for instruments will cost? That is if you remember. It is a bit wasteful to send 4x4x4 and 75 lbs box of stuff without any guesstimates...and then discover that it will cost arm and a leg...

B Gruzman

I have used Nu-Chrome in Fall River, MA for both the chrome on my TF. <>
Nice work, but not cheap $2,900 for the little chrome that’s on the TF and that was 2002! Suggest you e-mail them for a quote on specific parts.

David Werblow

Count on it costing an arm & a leg. Quality chrome is expensive these days.
Carl Floyd

I will need to re-chrome about 90% of all chrome parts. Will I need to apply for TARP money? or I am in better shape that Tim Geithner.

B Gruzman

I checked with Custom Chrome in Ohio and they wanted 800 to 1000 to do my windshield components. I think that was about what Pauls charges for a Radiator shell as well.
Richard Taylor

Paul's work comes back like jewelry. I just had one side lamp shell with a couple dents done there and it was $75. My original bumpers were a small fortune, the most expensive parts besides the shell. They did beautiful repair work on acracked original door lock cover. The parts weigh a lot more due to the thick copper underneath. I'll look at work Monday to see if I can find any of the invoices from a couple years ago. George
George Butz

Friend of mine working on his XK 120 sent parts to FL with very nice results and it was priced very reasonably, but unfortunately he can not recall there name. Any clues?
I think it will be nice to create some sort of registry or forum for proven MG vendors. Most of us doing same thing re-chrome windshield, instrument s cluster, brake handle, etc. with pictures and price references ...

B Gruzman

If you have more time than money, try it yourself.

I've been really tempted but don't have a real need nor the time right now. I'd have to do it at home on the sly since I've got the county looking over my shoulder (and draining my bank account) at my business.

Have used their epoxy in a couple of TD gas tanks.
jrn Northrup


You may wish to contact Gary DuBois at J & D Custom Plating, 2124 Gilbert Ave, St. Paul, MN 55104, 651-251-7400. He does a lot of high end bike work, and does all the chrome for the local MGs. We think highly of his work. No affiliation, etc.

You can see what he did for me on my website,

Dave Braun

hello boris, i have used AIH Chrome Plating in dubuque, ia. 1-563-582-8235. they are good folks. family business, the shop is immaculate, VERY well organized. they do all or almost all S-S motorcycle engines valve covers. they have always quoted me 6 weeks and it has ALWAYS been 3 months with the exception of a TD headlight bucket that i dinged up. they turned that back to me in two weeks. very good people. i am looking at an invoice now, rear TD bumper was $350 and the bumper overriders were $150 each. no affiliation. regards, tom
tom peterson

Compilation of chrome plating shops recommended by members:

Paul's Chrome Plating, Inc.
90 Pattison Street Evans City, PA 16033 • Phone: 1-800-245-8679 • 724-538-3367 • Fax: 724-538-3403

J & D Custom Plating,
2124 Gilbert Ave, St. Paul, MN 55104, • Phone: 651-251-7400

161 Graham Road, Fall River, MA 02720 • Phone: 1-800-422-8012

AIH Chrome Plating
Dubuque, IA. • Phone: 1-563-582-8235

Caswell Plating
7696 Route 31, Lyons, NY 14489 • Phone: 315-946-1213 • Fax: 315-946-4456

Custom Chrome
963 Mechanic Street, Grafton, Ohio 44044 • Phone: 440-926-3116 • Fax: 440-926-2551

B Gruzman

Don't have a heart attack, but this was as of 7/06 for Paul's: headlamp buckets $175,windscreen brackets (to the cowl) $125, Original bonnet handles $50,gas cap lever $15, original top wing nuts $40, bumper bar $400. This stuff is all still perfect, it does not corrode, pit, or need to be polished!Door lock covers (one was cracked/broken and worn-) $60, 90.The bonnet handles were beautifully done, with no loss of detail, etc. The problem was that when I put the new chrome w/s brackets against the w/s frame, the "nice" original chrome looked terrible, so that ended up being done too. I spread it out into a few batches which helped with the $. Lastly, I have had a bunch of really lousy chrome done variously over the years- yellowish cast, destruction of sharp edges (over-polishing), parking lamp shells destroyed, and general shoddy work. I wanted it done correctly- and just once. Like anything else, you get what you pay for. George
George Butz

Boris: I used West Coast Chrome for my car, They are located at 451-F Sonora Ave., Modesto, CA 95351 209.544.2336 I spent $810.00 to have a lot of items rechromed. He charged me $300.00 to do the rear bumber and 2 bumber guards. I can get you a complete list of what was chromed, and what he charged, if you want one.
L M Levin

Just got home after picking up my stuff locally.

grlle shell, plinth, rad cap, e brake handle and button, all windshield components and supports, gas cap release, head light to fender brackets, gas tank end plates, dash grab handle
Only "work" was to fill some holes on one windshield

Three week turn around time!

$ 1400.00

Had em do my TF stuff in 05. $ 1721.00 for a few more pieces and lots of work on the grille and windshield frame.

Holding up very nicely. Nice blue cast.

Plating Specialties
574 A 25 Road
Grand Junction, Colorado 81505


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