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MG TD TF 1500 - chrome removal

While I am waiting for my wife to actually allow me to spend more money on the TD, I thought I might prepare some chrome. Is there actually a 'best' way to strip the old chrome and prepare the surface for rechroming?

Rob Welborne

The better Chrome shops actually remove the chrome and other plating before they polish out the parts. They do this electrically , by doing it with a reverse polarity.

I have some scratches in some of my chrome and the plating place told me not to worry about it cause it was just the chrome that was scratched, and they removed it all anyway.

I would check with the chrome shop.
C.R. Tyrell

I have done some plating with nickle but not tried chrome. Here are some instructions for reverse electroplating. I would try this on something you don't need first.

The proceedure is very much the same as removing rust but with different chemical. First, degrease completely and scrub thoroughly with detergent. Mix 1 cup of Muriatic acid with 3 gallons of water in a plastic bucket. NOTE; ALWAYS ADD ACID TO WATER. NEVER WATER TO ACID !!! (It WILL explode) Hang two or three copper wires (#12 or larger) around sides of bucket. Connect these to ground of battery charger. Hang item to be dechromed in fluid with positive lead connected. Be sure part doesn"t touch ground wires. Within a few seconds or minutes, depending on thickness of chrome, it should come clean. More or less time as required. When finnished, wash parts in mild soda water solution to nutralize acid. (Do this right way to prevent rust) As with any caustic acid, handle with care.
Bruce Cunha

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