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MG TD TF 1500 - Cilinder helad diferences 1250 vs. 1500

What aré the diferentes between a 1250 and a 1500 cc cilinder head ?.
Jose Vicente Vargas

I think the water holes are slightly closer to the edge? George
George Butz

Hi Jose,

The TF1500 has the Cylinder Head water holes on the non Push Rod side moved out approx 2-3mm when compared to a TF1250 Head.

The TF1250 has the part no.168425 on the Head,with the first five digits cast in and the last digit '5' stamped in.

The TF1500 has the part no.AEF118.All these letters/numbers were stamped in.

A new head gasket for the TF1500 was manufactured for the larger bores,together with the moved water transfer holes.So although XPAG and XPEG Heads and Blocks will fit each other,not all the waterways will align correctly,with possible ingress of water into combustion chambers.

In the MG midget(Series "TF")/Service Parts List,the TF1250 Cylinder part no is listed
as SA2204/10 whereas the TF1500 Cylinder Head part no is AEF9.

Interestingly also,is the fact that there is an additional small casting strengthening web at the rear of the block for TF1500s.

I hope this info is of some assistance to you.

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

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