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MG TD TF 1500 - Circular Gaskets for TD Oilbath Air Cleaner

Does anyone know of a source for the two gaskets that should be used with the oilbath air cleaner on the TDs?

These are shown in the cross section of the TD Shop Manual. One is large and fits between the top cover and the upper edge of the oil canister.

The smaller one fits between the tube assembly on the inner part of the air intake.

I am unable to post an image tonight - but will tomorrow.

Thanks in advance,

J. W. Delk

Jeff, I'll be anxious to see where you've spotted these gaskets. I've looked through the WM and the SPL and can't find any such creatures. I would expect them to show up on Plate F of AKD 834, the Service Parts List, put they're not there.
Bud Krueger

Good Morning Bud -

I was surprised to see them in the sectioned drawing on page P.6 in the Lubrication Section (Illustration P.17) of the Factory workshop manual.

You may need to use a magnifying glass (as I did) but you will see them there. They don't seem to be listed, or offered, by any of the suppliers.

It may be that MG intended originally to place gaskets in the assembly - but then made a determination that they were not needed. I also want to compare that drawing to the actual AC unit on the car to see if they differ.

I will scan and enlarge the image from the Shop Manual and post it later today when I get back home to my house.

It is always fun to explore these questions here in the forum.

J. W. Delk

Holy Cow, Jeff! Who reads lubrication sections! You're right though, according to the manual, if you remove the housing for the mesh screen from the air cleaner top, you should see two cork gaskets, one set in the major diameter, and one set in the minor diameter. I must confess to cleaning my air cleaner element with a thorough rinse, but not disassembling it. Honestly? I was afraid of breaking one of the most pristine parts of my car!

still not taking it apart...
Dave Braun

Wow! I've got to get a good look. If you asked me I'd have said that the top section of the filter, the part that contains the screen and is held down by Mickey Mouse, is one solid piece. Garage, here I come.
Bud Krueger

Okay. Found the smaller gasket, see image

Bud Krueger

But, as suspected, the top section is crimped around the edge, so there is no large gasket. See image.

The cutaway may have been for a very early design that might not have been incorporated. Anybody have a very early air cleaner to check this out?

Bud Krueger

Hey Guys - back home in Athens,

Bud I think you are correct - the top section on Dad's TD was crimped as well - so no real top "lid" as shown in the drawing. Dad's filter is stamped with part number 1573837.

I think the cut away drawing must have been from an earlier (though similar) application - YA/YB?

But, that small inner gasket that Bud shows is not shown in the normal parts offerings from Moss or Abingdon.. simple enough though to make.

Another fun, though cloudy, Sunday.

Thanks for posting the pics Bud.

J. W. Delk

Pretty sure some years ago I ran across a TD air cleaner that did separate lid from element- could be the '50 TD that used to belong to a friend. Positive mine is crimped as Bud's. George
George Butz

My filter is also crimped. For the smaller gasket, I used a sheet of rubberized cork. I used a compass to measure the dimensions and transferred them to the sheet.

Evan Ford TD27621 EXL/NA

Now I do love gaskets, but when they serve no purpose I think one can do without. I am pretty sure they have never been installed in my TD.
DLB Denis L. Baggi


The small gasket is very necessary. I had a small gap at the small inner gasket due to my messing with the legs of the filter element. Oil from the oil bath would find it's way around the element and leaked down the air cleaner manifold (inside and out). Eventually, enough oil would collect to form a drip and the radiator fan would blow it out of the bonnet side louvers. It took many months to find the source of the oil spots on my right fender and bonnet.

The two things I learned: Don't bend the legs on the air filter element, and make sure the gasket is in good condition.

Evan Ford TD27621 EXL/NA

I do not have the oil problem you describe. Is there another reason to make and install such a gasket? You would hope that the person who designed the oil filter had a reason to include a gasket.
Milton Babirak

I believe they did a redesign of the air cleaner... I know they changed the size of the opening for the valve cover tube... I would think they would put a gasket anywhere where there was a chance oil would blow out ... just because?


If you don't have the problem, I wouldn't worry about it. Just for the record, the gasket is shaded red in the attached picture.

Good Luck,

Evan Ford TD27621 EXL/NA

Yes, in my 1953 TD there is this gasket as well but old and in fair condition.
When I read the Operation Manual Page 42 there ist mentioned:
"Make sure that the cork gaskets (more then one ???)are in good condition"

So, now we have to find a source for it.
Cheers, GŁnter

If you look at Evans image you can see two gaskets, the inner one (small) and the outer one (not colored) under the top cover against he outer rim of the air filter. Both should be used, otherwise you have a path for unfiltered air to in carburetor. I suspect that he large top one has long since vanished for most TD's, leaving he owners unaware that there ever was one there, so most say hat there is only one (or none)
Don Harmer

To clarify Evans image, the attached image also has the large outer gasket shown in red, as was the small inner gasket

I assume that the large one is often missing (the one under the top cover) and that some are unaware that the inner filter is also removable as it is often frozen by rust

Don Harmer

Don, I think that we're still trying to find someone who has an air cleaner old enough to have the large gasket. All we've found so far are ones with the crimped top section. Bud
Bud Krueger

Exactly, the crimped version does not have the outer gasket.

Evan Ford TD27621 EXL/NA

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