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MG TD TF 1500 - Clutch / brake pedal box side cover

I need to install a brake/ clutch box cover, on a customers car 50 miles away, can someone please tell me what the nut & bolt threads are?
Len Fanelli

Len check Pedal box cover plate fasteners in the archives. 1/4 BSFx5/8 + a nut. Bud
Bud Krueger

The Pedal Box has 3 captive nuts and one stud. It had a cork gasket for the cover plate.

There are 3 ea. 1/4" x 5/8" BSF W Bolts
and 1 ea. 1/4" BSF W Nut
Richard Cameron

Len - Before you button it up, check that the pedal box has a pedal stop bolt in it. If the car is an early TD it will not have the stop bolt in it, allowing the pedal to be pushed too far, causing a bend in the clutch rod. If the pedal stop bolt is missing, contact me at and I will send you information about the bolt and where it should be installed. Cheers - Dave
DW DuBois

Here's my template for the pedalbox cover in case you need to make one up or cut a gasket. I use 2mm rubber impregnated cork to make the gaskets.


Declan Burns

And don't forget the 4 spring (lock) washers. :-)
Christopher Couper

Len Fanelli

There is supposed to be a gasket in there? And a stop bolt? Dang, the one part of the car that I thought was finished! Thanks, Dave, for mentioning the bolt. I found the article on ttalk.
David Littlefield

Dave been there Duh dumb me, when I reamed out the clevis for larger pins, ( to take out all of the wasted free play) I forgot to re set the stop bolt. As soon as I pushed the clutch pedal to the floor, clank, clank, noise from the pressure plate levers hitting the fork.
The cover is important! If a rock were to find it's way into the box, you may not have any brakes!
Len Fanelli

Um. My RHD TF 9142 has a large hole in the bottom of the pedal box (which I've covered with aluminium speed tape).

If it is standard, this would make it fairly pointless to have a gasket under the side cover. Maybe the LHD's don't have the hole?

Incidentally, I've got a hydraulic clutch. I fitted an early MGA dual master cylinder, which bolts straight in. The smaller one-inch bore gives a bit of brake boost, which is handy. It does mean you've got to keep the adjustment well up, though.

Can't resist a recent pic. Just before the gearbox let go.


Way to go!
Len Fanelli

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