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MG TD TF 1500 - clutch diameter and I need a good TF fuel tank

With a lot of help from John, of this group, I got my TF engine started for the first time in 40 years (previous owner owned for 36 years an never ran it). It appears to have a rebuilt engine and runs like new. The engine however is a Woolsy (I may be mispelling the name). It has a large W on the engine id plate. My question is does that engine use an 8 inch clutch as the TF? Everything looks like MG except the id tag.

I also need a good fuel tank for my '54 TF. The original tank has most of the bottom rusted out. I will try to repair it if I have to, but if someone has a tank they are willing to sell I would go that way. I also need a good used SU fuel pump.

Again many thanks to John and all of you on this group.
GH Higginson

If your bell housing has the 3/4" diameter cross shaft then you have the potential of having the 8" clutch plate. You won't know until you separate it from the engine. If you end up with a 7 1/4" plate then you would need to find the appropriate flywheel and clutch.


Bill Chasser jr
W. A. Chasser Jr

Just for clarity - Wolseley.
Dave H
Dave Hill

The only difference between the XPAG (MG) and XPAW (Wolseley) engine block is the position of the oil dipstick hole and the W in lieu of the MG. The XPAW block has a blank which can be drilled to fit the dipstick in the XPAG position. You can insert a bolt into the XPAW dipstick hole.

I have an XPAW engine sitting in my TD chassis.

I have been told by a mechanic who has worked on XPAG/W engines for many years that the XPAW block appears to be better built and being from a sedan will not be worn as much as an XPAG block (ie T series car).

What is the engine Number? We may be able to identify the age of the block (and Clutch size) from the engine #.
cheers Stuart
Stuart Duncan 1953 TD

John - I've seen so many TF engines with the W cast that I am beginning to doubt the old saw that the W is only found on Wolseley engines. Since they were barely imported into the US, I doubt very much there were tons of Wolseley cars in US junkyards with engines just waiting to be slotted into MG cars...

Your engine number will tell us from what car that engine came.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

The Wolseley side cover is also different and ideal for connecting up a PCV valve.

D Burns

Not sure if you want to go this route but I was at abingdon spares the other day and Martin has a beautiful stainless tf fuel tank. It's pricey but what for our cars isn't ?
J Cosin

The engine number for the Wolseley (thanks Dave for the correct spelling) engine in my 1954 mgtf is 4424.
The engine number on the VIN plate, from MG, is XPAG 33843. This car appears to have 133,000 miles by wear shown, even though odometer says 33,000. This car was sold in North America, then at sometime, was shipped to Germany. It has an additional German VIN tag on the passenger firewall. It was also outfitted with side parking lights, and the wheel knock offs were removed and knockoffs with out the wings installed. After its tour of duty in Germany the car returned to the U.S. to Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.

GH Higginson

Hi Guys,

168421 is the casting number on the TF 1250 AND the Wolseley 4/44 blocks and appears under the generator / front of side plate in both. So to me it seems they were cast as the same block (although they might have different drillings etc .... which can be "fixed"). So I agree with Tom. I do know TF 1250s did NOT have the MG cast into the block! The only XPAG blocks with the MG cast into them were "banana" blocks which ceased somewhere during TD production.

Bob Schapel
R L Schapel

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