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MG TD TF 1500 - Clutch MG TF 1953

Hi, could anyone tell me:

Will a 1953 mod. mgtf (Nov.-53) have an 8 inch or a 7 1/4 inch clutch diameter.

I was told I could measure the lenth of the clutch-pedal axle-stub that is seen outside the bell housing oposite the "pedal side". (LHD) 19mm length if the plate was a 7 1/4", or 16mm if the plate is a 8" ?
I am measuring 29mm axle outside the
bell housing -!??

B.E. Johannessen

It will have the 8" clutch if everything else is the way it left the factory.

The Moss catalog states the smaller shaft was used until TD #9407 (with the smaller clutch), with the larger shaft and clutch after that (including all TF's). The smaller one (5/8") converts to 15.9mm, the 3/4" to 19mm. Transmissions could have been swapped over the years, but if you have the 19mm shaft (and original motor/tranny) it should be the 8". George
George Butz

One further check - If the engine number (on the right hand front crankcase) is XPAG/TD2 .... or XPAG/TF .... or XPEG/TF .... the clutch will be 8". It is actually the engine that dictates the clutch size. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

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