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MG TD TF 1500 - Coasted to a stop....

Took the TD out last night and got about two blocks when it started sounding like it was running out of gas, or choking...
It ran for a few minutes at the side of the road, then stopped. Checked and cleaned the points... then turned the key on again. fuel pump clicked away as if it hadn't been pumping...(100% of my breakdowns ...3.... have been fuel pump related). Got it back home and took off the pump cap. Hooked it up again and watched the points(fp). The front spring holding the outer half of the points wasn't sitting flush with the pump front plate. The rear point would snap against it and stay. If I pressed the spring, it would break contact and start clicking again. Without my finger, no pumping...with my finger pressing it, it would pump. Cleaned it with electrical cleaner and wiped the points a couple of times with a matchbook ... Pressing against it the next time produced a little 'click' and the spring seemed to press back against the front plate and all was well again? My only thought was that there was some tiny bit of 'crud' behind the spring and the cleaner dissolved it?????

Check and see if you have a bunch of gunk in the small screen on the fuel pump. I had the same on my VA tourer some years ago.
conrad sanders

If the filter screen in the pump is clogged sufficiently to stop the pump and power is left on during the troubleshooting procedure, the coil will heat up. If the coil housing wasn't heating up, then the filter screen is not the problem. The crud under the upper contact spring is quite possibly the cause of the problem. If the problem reoccurs, use some 400 grit sand paper in place of the match book cover to clean the upper contacts. To get the lower contacts cleaned properly will involve removing the mounting screws from the pedestal, carefully folding the pedestal back to expose the lower contacts so they can be cleaned (I like to use a small fine sharpening stone to clean the lower contacts. Be careful not to over tighten the pedestal mounting screws when reassembling the pump. The early pedestals don't have any support under the screw and over tightening the screws will result in a cracked pedestal. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Thank you... I will post a photo without the cap so i can figure out where the 'pedestal' actually is (?)... I have hesitated doing anything other then the points i can see, as there seem to be springs and clips in there and springs and clips and I have a habit of parting company whenever I say...'hmmm...just this little screw and i'm done....'!!!!!!
I should have been hired by the 'Canadian Space Agency' (what little one we have) as I can 'launch' anything with just a spring....!

They are still looking for the scale model of the ARROW that's out somewhere in Lake Ontario. They will never find thos little bits of petrol pump.
conrad sanders

Hahahaha.... yep... one of my former jobs!!!!!

Some day they will find those models and there will be 200 springs right beside them!!!!!

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