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MG TD TF 1500 - cold starting problems

Gent's I am out of idea's in this. My td has a tendency to give problems with a cold start ( overnight parking in a temperature controlled Garage )
Engine warm ?... it starts instantly and runs perfectly. During the drive acceleration is perfect.

Symptoms with cold start !: have to crank it for at least a minute or more ( with intervals to avoid a hot starter motor ) it gives 1 or 2 spits and I have to keep on pulling the starter then another 1 or two hick ups and all of a sudden she starts . I have tried this with various choke settings but no change in behaviour as above. Ignition is perfectly timed . Carb's overhauled by Dave B . Valve's set a bit on the loose side . Engine has run 300 miles after overhaul.

Any suggestions were to look / investigate for ? Thanks in advance,


Gerard Hengeveld

Check to see whether the choke control knob, when pulled out, actually lowers the jets. If there is a little too much slack in the cable, the jets may not be lowering. If these are working properly, go back to your carb rebuilder, as it would seem that the choke adjustment at the carbs is not set correctly.

Lew's suggestion is a good one. Here's another - are your float bowls full? Try this when the engine is 'overnight' cold. When you turn on your key do you hear the familiar click-click-click of the fuel pump? Do you still have the ticklers on top of your float bowls? If so, push each one down and see if you momentarily hear from the fuel pump. I helped on a TD recently that similar symptoms. The problem was sticky needle valves. Apparently the vibrations from the starter allowed enough fuel to get in to, start the engine. Bud
Bud Krueger

Connect a voltmeter across you battery and observe the cranking volts when the engine is cold and hot.Disconnect the coil wire when you do this so you have time to read the meter before the engine starts.
G Evans

Make sure the choke is operating properly. Have someone pull it and verify it is opening the jets.
Geoffrey M Baker

GERARD. HELLO.When you stop the engine after a drive, and turn off the key the floatbowls are
allmost emty. the heat from the engine will
make the fuel in the jet evaporate.When you
turn on the key before starting the floatbowls willbe filed up, but it takes time to fill up the jet to the correct level.
Pull the choke several times to pump fuel to the jet.I have done that sucsessively.

Thoralf. NORWAY TD 4490
Thoralf Sorensen (TD4490)

BUD, you were SPOT on, Depressed the tickler Pump gave two ticks and whoom It started right up.
Thanks to all other with good advice. I replaced the needle valve's with used ones.

Let's wait till tomorrow morning when I give it another try ( just to make sure ).
Gerard Hengeveld

Another STAR for Bud!!!
Steve Wincze

As Gerard said, "Let's wait till tomorrow". Bud
Bud Krueger

I had a problem with the TF starting and fitted electronic ignition. The car now almost starts itself when it sees me approaching. Don't know if it was ditching the points or resetting everything after the conversion but it is fabulous (at the moment)

J Targosz

Sorry for the late response Guy's ( about the try next morning ) Had to stay in hospital for 2 day's rocketing blood pressure and high fever.

Coming home from the hospital I went straight to the garage for the test . Wife told me I was nuts and should go to bed

But just to confirm " BUD WAS RIGHT ON " thanks BUD.

Now I am going to bed at ease at least now.

Many thanks,

Gerard Hengeveld

Happy to be of help, Gerard. Take care of the blood pump. I'll take that star now, Steve. Bud
Bud Krueger

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