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MG TD TF 1500 - Cold weather driving

With temp around 30-40F my TD hadn't been started for a couple of weeks. To get rid of moisture I wiped the plugs and wires with WD40, pulled a piece of newspaper between closed points. Let the fuel pump run before starting to fill carbs. Battery was fully charged. Had to pull the starter four or five short bursts before engine started. Oil pressure came up after second pull.
What other tricks do you cold weather guys use.

Also, has anyone tried one of those little 12V. Ceramic Heater-Fan units you see advertised? They are rated at 150 so probably should be on a separate 15amp fused circuit with wire size to match. (Is that close D. DuBois? How do you have your electric blanket wired?)

Safety fast,

GF Metz

I don't do anything George, but it doesn't get below 40 in my shop. Even if I kept it outdoors I wouldn't do anything unless she wouldn't fire. If you wanted you could put a drop light under the bonnet with a 100 watt bulb and throw a blanket over the closed bonnet. Maybe a dipstick heater if you like. It was close to 55 here today and only the snow in the shade remains but they tell us winter is coming back this weekend.

George, a sniff of starting fluid will help, as long as your garage is not under the house,(spousal units get VERY upset about a slight use of either).I depress the tickler pins to flood the engine, 4-5 ticks of the fuel pump, then turn off the ignition, pull out the choke, crank the engine a few times, then turn the ignition back on, & start it up. Of course, the carb. adjustments sould be correct.
Len Fanelli


Where in Colorado do you live?

David Honness

When I was a kid we lived in the FAR North of Alberta, Canada. My Dad drove a Ď49 Chev and could not afford a heated garage nor an electric block heater. His method of starting the car was to drain the oil and antifreeze into containers before the car cooled off. He would then put these under the kitchen woodstove along with the carís battery. When it came time for the next outing it was simply a matter of pouring hot oil and coolant into the engine and installing the warm battery. The old Chevy went every time. Of course this was at temperatures of -40 so the method might be a bit extreme for your TD. :-)
Godspeed in Safety Fast
John Crawley

David I'm in Fruita. About 20 miles from the Utah border.


Small world LaVerne, I have a customer in Grand Junction, Capco Mfg. Ever hear of them? Also had an old friend who used to live here and retired there. Unfortunately she passed away in Fruita a month ago. Josepine Leonard, wife of Harmon quite a famous veterinarian.
GF Metz

Sure is George. I know exctly where they are. Wifes business did some work for them a few years back. Have no idea what they are making now. I remember going by there 10 years ago or so and they had barrels and barrels of smashed M-16 castings in the lot. Apparently had some flaws. We get people from all over the country retiring here. Winters can be cold and the summers hot but usually not brutal in either direction. Also have very low humidity. Desert area. We get about 14" of percipatation a year. What do you do with Capco? If you ever come out, look me up.

When Capco was making those M16's we made all their gundrills and rifling buttons (the things that put the helical grooves in the barrel). Their M16's were more accurate than of all the other manufacturers'. Haven't been out there in a while but now that I know you I'll give you a shout. We do visit my son in Fort Collins but that's quite a drive away.
GF Metz

You know MG 2009 is in Breckenridge George. Not all that far from Fort Collins.


Got up to 47F. here in Conn. yesterday, all cars started with no effort, except for Miata in upstairs garage with dead battery and generator with dead battery. Both Japanese. Nothing British to tinker with today so will attend to failed non-lucas electrics. Bob

R.AF. Robert Finucane

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