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MG TD TF 1500 - Color keyed hub caps

As funds are short for my 53TD resto I'm looking to save a few bucks by not buying new hub caps or re-chroming the existing ones. They are rather dull with much of the chrome just plain worn off it looks like. I'll paint the wheels silver as they should be. The rest of the car will be Woodland Green or British Racing Green, whatever you choose to call it. I fairly dark green but really looks great. So I'm thinking of painting the hub caps the body color then paint the medalions silver like the wheels then do a black highlight of the MG crest in the middle of that. I think it would look very good but i've never seen any pics of other cars with body color hubcaps. If anyone could post some pics they know of I'd appreciate it.
l rutt

My two cents (again). Chrome is hard, it takes abuse. Paint is hard, but cracks and is not as hard as chrome. My headlamp buckets were chromed, and I switched them back to paint. MUCH harder to deal with opening the bonnet, and even though I'm aware of the durablity of paint, I still mar the buckets and lamp stays on occasion.

Even after you strip the chrome, you will need to do some careful smoothing or build up with primer. From then on, you will have to be very careful installing your hubcaps, as striking them could damage the paint. I seem to get by on my chrome hubcaps by applying thumb pressure on the remaining stud after aligning the two others. I would be more concerned about 'popping' them off. They will need to be 'peeled' off or dropped carefully on a blanket.

Black centers on the medalions was the TF look, I think. Aluminized paint does a nice job on the medalions before using enamel to fill in the crest.

Dave Braun

do you watch ebay or attend swap meets? i was able to pick up a set of hub caps that look VERY good at a fraction of the cost of rechroming mine. the previous owner of the caps was doing a point car and upgraded his leaving selling his VERY good used ones to me. regards, tp
tom peterson

Am I wrong in saying the original hub caps were stainless...? Mine have no chrome...both the TD and the Wolseley?
Picked mine up on eBay for 10 or 20 dollars plus shipping... someone went for new Moss ones and I got the originals....!!!

If you have a powder coater in your area, call and ask how much to have them coated with their chrome look.
Here is a picture

email at and I may be able to help you out

tw hager

Not a T-type but here's a photo of an MGA with painted hub-caps

David werblow

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