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MG TD TF 1500 - Condenser Problem?

Brown & Gammon in the UK have supplied a condenser for the TF, but the attachment bracket does not fit. On asking I was told that the correct version was NLA, and they had supplied the best they could.

However the attachment bracket is wrong, the hole is at the back of the condenser and square on. On asking what to 'do' was told that this was the best, but if I wanted they could supply an MGB condenser and to unsolder the attachemnt bracket and solder on the one from the old condenser.

Do you have this problem from USA suppliers, or can a 'valid' condenser which fits be obtained locally.

Advice and suggestions most welcome, and rather urgent!

Ian B
Ian Bowers


I don't know if a TF distributor is the same as the TD, but I got my TD condenser from Here:

They are in the UK, Part No. 141

They have the original solder on type.


52 TD
J Scragg

Emailed him, so now we will see.

Many thanks for your help.
Ian Bowers

Ian -- There is another way around your problem. Think about using a pertronix electronic system. I know it's a bit radical but it does solve your problem and a bunch of others as well.

I have them in both my "T" series cars and depend on them to give me a hot at spark at all times. And they do!

R. K. Jeffers

Bob, I to use the pertronix and love it. Starts right up. I do keep the points and condenser as backup in my travel kit.
TRM Maine

On the TF, which is used as a tourer, that is probably the direction I will go in, and this may make it 'sooner'.

However on the TD MkII I really do want to keep it as 'original' as possible, and still go for performance where it cannot be readily seen! So the condenser will remain a part of the set-up.

Thank you all for your thoughts. i still remain curious over how you source these in USA, or are you also forced to to a botch job?

Ian B
Ian Bowers

Ian - You might want to try Mick at Keystone mmmgtcars at here in the USA. Clark
c Clark

Many thanks for all your help; condenser bought and installed; now running smoothly.

as a reference I found this site most helpful with detailed drawings of many of the options clearly shown.

Ian Bowers

And another thank you for excellent advice.

As suggested, above, I have spent the afternoon fitting a Pertronix Ignitor to the TF1500.

Fired up on the first flick of the switch! Not had that experience for a long time.

Not too keen on the wiring set-up, but that and adjusting the timing is for tomorrow!

Ian Bowers

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