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MG TD TF 1500 - convert from cable pull-start to starter button

I would like to convert my TD engine starting syatem from the original cable pull-start to a more modern push button/starter solenoid system. I was thinking of using a Ford starter solenoid but I am unsure of the wiring. If someone would be so kind and provide a wiring diagram,I will be greatly appreciative.

Frank Grimaldi

Frank Grimaldi

Frank - Here is a diagram. Cheers - Dave

David DuBois

To stay semi on-topic, I used a AH solenoid and mounted it in the same place as the pull-switch. It has a manual push, too, for turning it over from under the hood. Good luck. Oh, and I activate it from 2 series micro-switches hidden under but reachable easily from the front of the dash. They are rated at 5 amps and the solenoid coil draws less than that. Makes it hard(er) to steal.
John Redman

...and an MGB solenoid works well ... mounted again, in the same location....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

OTOH, there is no good reason that your pull switch cannot be used to trigger a modern solenoid. Keeps the period look and effect and eliminates most of the load on the original switch so that it will probably out-live both of us.
David "intending to do this with my Bugeye" Lieb
David Lieb

ok, i have to ask..why do people do this mod? the car, if tuned starts, literally, in less than three seconds. is this because of physical disability? regards, tom
tom peterson

Anyone got any nice pix of a starter button on their TD? Just curious.
Geoff Baker

Watch Gordon Lawson start his car with the pus button at
Mort TD 1851

New David Dubois fuel pump, pertronix ignition and plugs and the car starts just pulling the switch. takes about 1 second and car is running. no need for a push button. besides aint no thieves smart enough to figure out how to start the thing.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

"aint no thieves smart enough to figure out how to start the thing."

Or to release the hand brake if they do accidentally start the engine :-) Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

I like the cable & switch, but my wife wanted a starter button and I cleared everything off the firewall, also. Here's a picture of the starter button. It is tuced beind the two switches so it won;t get bumped when wifey whacks the horn button.

Jim Northrup

Unique solenoid installation...

It is an old Ford 6 volt solenoid with a built-in starter button.

Not all solenoids are created equal. This one has the 12V "hot" terminal (red wire) wired to the dash switch and the switch then grounds that terminal.

Used a couple of stainless T-bolt clamps and attached it right to the starter. I made strips of copper and a strip of stainless as a "buss" to the starter.

There's always the hand crank!

Jim Northrup


The Ford starter solenoid has two low amp terminals. Which of these do I connect to the push button switch and what, if anything, is connected to the other terminal?
Frank Grimaldi

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