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MG TD TF 1500 - Convertible top project again

I'm getting closer. I've ordered every part I need now. (Moss wanted $250 for the sidestays, hidem strip and draft excluder!). Picked up the nylon webbing I'll use for the side stays (stronger, less stretch than the original canvas) and have ordered some black 5/8 hidem strip (vinyl, I fear, but it was all I could find).

So now I'm stripping the bows and frame. I read through the archives and I *think* that the consensus was that these were all originally painted a tan or beige color?

Does anyone have reasonable matches from standard sources like Ace or Home Depot?

As my top is black, and someone at some point painted the metal frame black (the original top was replaced with a locally made vinyl version at some point, so it was probably repainted then), I'm also thinking I might just go back to black, is that heresy?

Advice wanted...
Geoffrey M Baker

Originally a kind of "pinkish tan".
Painted mine that color, but changed it when I installed a black hood.
It just didn't look right.
My "older" black interior was in good shape and after seeing a kit (2000) I was not impressed with the quality for the $ at the time. (Newer ones look better)

I didn't think tan hood would look right on Ivory car with black interior. I also went with contrasting piping (black).
It's not correct ...but I like it.

David Sheward 55 TF1500 # 7427

I would vote for black frame parts,,,,
Steve Wincze

I'm doing the tan hood over green interior and paint. Paining my frames Krylon Khaki. I did my steering wheel rim with that and it came out great. I also sprayed on some Krylon clear coat for added protection. May be something to consider.

Mark Rotsky

This thread was discussed on 13/06/2014

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