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MG TD TF 1500 - Converting a 444 engine

Could someone identify what is required to install this engine in a TF. I am aware the dipstick has to be relocated.

G Evans

From memory (it was 30 years ago), for my TD:
1. I just drilled out the dip stick hole and but a bolt/plug in the existing home,
2. I replaced the front 4/44 support engine support with the existing TD one, and
3. I replaced the 4/44 sump with a TD one. The 4/44 sump would not fit !!!!

The gearbox /bellhousing should bolt straight onto the engine.

Others, please correct me if I am wrong.

Stuart Duncan

Graeme, I have a couple of XPAG TC blocks for sale.

Regards, Don TF 4887 "Figaro' TC 1736 "Sibelius'
Don Walker

Graeme, this is an absolute must. Change the oil intake in the sump to the centre position!

The 4/44 has it on the left. The first time I took my TF, which I'd bought with an XPAW engine in it, to the track it ran all its bearings on the first LH corner. Even if you don't use it on the track, any hard LH corner would have the same effect.

If you have the TF sump you can fit the TF duckbill intake (if you can find one). With the lower capacity TD sump it seems happy just with a relocated 4/44 intake.


D A Provan


You have mail.

Thank you to everyone for your comments. Owing to advertisements not being cancelled after items have sold I am still looking for a block.

G Evans

David, some proper baffles installed in the sump will work wonders to allow for LH turns.

This other BBS offers some insights into XPAW vs XPAG. Dont be thrown off by the title.
D mckellar

I have my engine (XPEG) out and in parts at the moment and have been wondering if baffles were worth adding and if so what design? I have a finned sump and the duck bill style pick up - all pretty standard for an XPEG I believe.

I would be interested in any thoughts, in particular from the racing fraternity that might have done this.

M R Calvert

I do not wish to hijack this thread. I think it best to start a new thread on the baffles issue.

M R Calvert

Or why not look at this article on using the XPAW engine in place of the stock XPAG?
D mckellar

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