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MG TD TF 1500 - Converting TD/TF to Ft. Disc Brakes-Problems

bleeding the brakesed a problem on the MGB forum on the BBS and got back the solution to my problem. Because the application is applicable to owners of MDTD/TF cars that have or are considering converting to front disc brakes, I thought that I would post it on this forum as well

Front Disc Brake Dragging Problem Solved

My front brake/caliper-dragging problem has been solved thanks to DENIS4, Victoria, Australia, R Volkwein, Hawaii, USA and others. The solutions provided may prove useful to others that have made or are considering, converting MG TD front drum brakes to MGB disc brakes.

The original problem was described as follows:

Frank Grimaldi

I have MGA disc brakes on the front of my TD and they work fine. Never have had a problem with them. Installation was a snap with only some minor cutting on the tie rod ends. The brakes are much better than the original and one can always go back if needed but I wont. We have a couple of cars in the club that have the brakes like mine and I would reccomend anyone to do it.
TRM Maine

The TD master cylinder has a relief valve which prevents any residual pressure being retained... My brakes are right up at the top of the pedal (with 7/8" at the top of the pedal free)... I can apply pressure enough to throw everything not bolted down into the foot space, and when I let off, I could roll the car with a finger.....
I would think your problem was the relief valve.

What was the reason for going back to Dot 3.4 brake fluid?
Gene Gillam

Can anyone direct me to a tech article on how to put MGB disc brakes on a TD? Since the brake drums are no longer available that might be an option sometime in the future if my drums get too thin. Paul
P.W. Lester

What I appreciated most from your post was the de-frenchification of the word "voila". Here in Western Pennsylvania I can drive the TF from DuBois (pronounced DOO-boyce) to North Versailles (ver-SAILS). Our pronunciations are right, we just have to learn to spell them right!
Safety? Fast?
Scott Ashworth - '54 TF
S. R. Ashworth

Cute comments... I think however, that you 'are' spelling yours correctly, but the pronunciation...hmmmm, perhaps correct for PA???


If anybody finds an article on the conversion to MGB discs I would be very interested in getting a reference or a copy.



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